Matrimony post-COVID-19: Market overview, impact, trends, and more

Post-COVID-19, trends in online matrimony have transformed radically, and the market is seeing growth and innovation, writes Salman Sarwer of Corporate Marriage Bureau.

Matrimony post-COVID-19: Market overview, impact, trends, and more

Saturday February 06, 2021,

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In 2020, many industries were severely affected and had to bear the brunt of the pandemic. Amidst this, an industry that helps to start new relationships like matrimonial in times of pandemic-induced lockdown went through the troughs too.

The indignation of coronavirus had everyone hesitant stepping out of their homes which made it difficult for the matrimonial business to have multiple rounds of meetings and negotiations between two people and their families.

But let’s say the internet got the matrimony business right under its wing by leading prospective couples to find their perfect match over by virtual meet-ups

The pandemic has officially changed the way people meet and know each other. The online matrimony business got technology’s back and isn’t letting a pandemic ruin people’s wedding plans in 2021.  The users are now more engaging in online matrimony services to find their match via voice and video calling. 
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New registrations on matrimonial sites have witnessed a growth of 20-30 percent and so have the revenues. This user-friendly interface for both youths as well as parents and the simple process adds value to the business as well as the clients.

Matrimonial sites see around a 30 percent increase in traffic compared to pre-COVID days across markets and continue to rise.

Online matrimony sites are the ideal mix of Indian traditional values and the latest technology for Indian bachelors and spinsters to explore and find a perfect match for a lifetime. These sites are witnessing a sudden spurt in new sign-ups and interactions between potential brides, grooms and their families post COVID-19. 

A lot of young professionals and people looking for second marriage were able to get some personal time due to the lockdown to interact with their potential partners; these sign-ups have significantly increased and outdone the expected growth of matrimonial platforms. Match-hunting has now become a sort of family affair. 

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Here are a few trends that are likely to continue in 2021:

Increase in second marriage profiles

A couple of months back, we witnessed an increase in second marriage profiles by Indians who are either divorced or have lost their partner are also now thinking of another partner. This led to the year-on-year growth to have doubled. 

Increase in within–city profiles

As social distancing measures have now eased people can travel within a short distance to meet their potential partner. This created a preference for the local profiles, which indirectly lead to more meetings. And since these were local profiles, families were able to get references which lead to a better prospect of finalisation.

Increase in ‘niche’ online matrimonial sites

Many top players of the matrimony industry have now created sites that cater to a specific market. For instance, today if elites or doctors wish to marry within their circle, these matrimonial sites cater to that particular need. This is one such trend that seems to grow in 2021.

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Looking for fake profiles

There are many advantages that online matrimonial services have—a large pool of candidates to choose from, profiles from various geographical locations and clarity about what a candidate wants, etc. At the same time, we also see an increase in the number of fake profiles.

To counter them, some online matrimony sites have launched more advanced profile filtering and privacy controls technology.  

Well, statistics and current scenarios show that the online matrimony business is unstoppable and will continue to grow even faster.

From virtual weddings to video calling, matrimonial sites are innovating matchmaking ways, and, this, in turn, is resulting in business growth.

So, why shun your “finding the right one” plans for a pandemic, when you can do it in the comfort of your home through online matrimony sites.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta