Fun videos: Meet Radhika Bangia, who has a huge following on social media and is making people smile

Radhika Bangia is going after her passion for acting, and inspiring youth while she is at it. She has just launched a fun video to make people smile during the COVID-19 crisis. Here is an interview with the popular social media influencer

Radhika Bangia is a talented actress, model, entertainer and social media influencer.

Her charming personality and her ability to make others smile through her videos, and brighten up their days is a quality that only very few possess.

With over a million followers on Instagram and over 5.3 million followers on Tik Tok and counting, she always strives to come up with something unique and creative for her audience.

Her recent video ‘Cleaning up Corruption during Corona’ is a funny take on sanitisers and cleanliness during this time of COVID-19. She has collaborated with a number of leading personalities in India and internationally in her videos.

Influencer Radhika Bangia

In her video ‘When a cricketer proposes to you’ Trinidadian cricketer Dwayne Bravo (DJ Bravo) does a hilarious segment with Radhika in which the two of them talk about marriage plans in relation to cricket, all in Hindi!

In another one of her popular videos, Argentinian footballer Roberto Pereyra dances with Radhika to an old Bollywood number ‘Baazigar o Baazigar’ from Shah Rukh Khan’s 1993 film of a similar name.

Apart from sports people she has also collaborated with leading Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Kajol, Ajay Devgn, and Kangana Ranaut.

Popular Jamaican American electronic music trio Major Lazer gave Radhika a shout out to a dance number she performed on their recent hit number ‘Que Calor.’

She has also done short comedy segments with Filter Copy and The Viral Fever, two leading YouTube channels in India.

In an exclusive interview with YS Weekender actress, model, and content creator Radhika Bangia talks about her love for performing arts, her passion for dance and what it means to be a social media influencer in this generation.

YSW: What was the feeling like when your videos started to do well and became popular amongst young people?

RB: Initially, I started out with small videos on Instagram and was doing a lot of humourous content. I was also auditioning a lot back then and would put up videos time and again.

I featured in a couple of ads, a few Bollywood flicks but when a fan stopped me and told me about one of my videos, that was when I knew that I should be seriously pursuing digital content.

The love I have gotten from people has been mind blowing and I believe a lot of it has come from the relatable humour they find on my channel.

People enjoy Radhika's quirky videos for their relatable humour

YSW: Was performing something you always had a knack for?

RB: I've always been involved in performing arts. Be it through dancing, or plays, I have always really enjoyed entertaining people.

When I won Miss Teen NZ back in my high school days, it was then that I discovered that I was custom made for this, and ever since, I have followed my calling.

I was the only Indian girl competing for the title and it was unbelievable when I won, given that I didn't originally belong to New Zealand but then, that's where your talent comes to play. I have really enjoyed my journey as a creator so far.

YSW: Tell us a little bit about your early background/educational journey.

RB: I was born in India and then, my family moved to New Zealand where I did my schooling.

I was pursuing my undergrad in counselling back there, when I discovered that I wanted to be in the entertainment sector. I moved to India soon afterwards to discover what it is like and ever since, there has been no looking back.

YSW: What were some of the things you grew up watching or listening to? Some early inspirations.

RB: I've watched a lot of American TV series and Bollywood movies growing up. Watching Jennifer Aniston play Rachel Green in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was one of my biggest cues that I wanted to create content with relatable humour.

Of course, there were many Bollywood inspirations too. I guess actresses back then, especially Juhi Chawla and Preity Zinta were killing it with their comic timings in the 90s.

Radhika has collaborated with a number of content creators in India and overseas.

YSW: Who inspires you now?

RB: As an artist, I believe there are so many creators who produce excellent content and are an inspiration in their own way.

But if I have to choose one, I guess it would be Priyanka Chopra. She has really come along a long way and has earned it. Apart from her exceptional acting career, I really admire how she has established herself as a true global artist.

YSW: Have you been trained in dance, since the time you were young? If so, which dance forms did you first pick up?

RB: Dancing has always been my one true love. While I was growing up, I loved to be in the school dance troupes and extensively trained in Latin American dance.

I also found Bollywood dance really groovy and subsequently picked it up on my own. It really helped me to express myself as an artist, and I am so glad that I am able to recreate amazing dance routines in my videos.

Trio Major Lazer gave Radhika a shoutout to a dance number on their track Que Calor.

YSW: How do you come up with these fun and quirky ideas?

RB: I brainstorm a lot on new content ideas but when it comes to humour, I tend to find it in day-to-day activities and I guess that's why it has that relatability factor that connects with my audience.

I am also blessed to have fun loving people in my life who help me with my creative blocks, if and when they arise.

YSW: Do you plan to do any more Bollywood films? What was your experience like taking to the silver screen?

RB: The silver screen is a whole new ball game. I have had a few appearances in some Bollywood flicks here and there and learnt a lot on those sets.

It's always a different energy on the sets and the process is a lot more organised than what you see in the digital content scenario.

You always see and meet so many people who have been in the industry and you learn a lot from their experiences. It all comes alive on sets and as an artist I really enjoy absorbing every single minute of it.

Radhika with composer A.R Rahman and social media star Ross Smith and his grandmother.

YSW: What is your advice to other aspiring performers and content creators?

RB: In our times, you always tend to chase fast appreciation for the content that you release. A lot of fellow creators fall into this trap of likes and views, when a lot of these milestones aren't really real.

Every one's journey as a creator is different as everyone is catering to a different audience. I think it's really unfair to judge oneself or put someone on a pedestal without really giving things enough time.

It's really important to hang in there, have a strategy in mind that should be followed for a set period of time.

If it doesn't work, change your strategy, analyse your audience and get back to work. In all cases, a creator should always persevere when it comes to their art.

YSW: Who are some of the individuals you have had the most fun collaborating with?

RB: I have been very lucky as a creator in terms of collaborations. I have collaborated with creators like King Bach and Ross Smith, to name a few.

I have also had the opportunity to roll out with a few Bollywood A-listers like Kajol, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, and so many more, and these have been huge learning experiences for me.

Everyone’s process is so different as an artist that you end up learning a lot of new things when you step out as a creator and collaborate with them.

Radhika Bangia with singer Dua Lipa.

YSW: Do you have any exciting new projects coming up?

RB: I have a lot of interesting content in the pipeline for my YouTube channel.

Lately, I have been very active on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where I have loved creating short video content and I'm so grateful that people have loved it thus far.

It's now time for YouTube and I'm planning a lot of dance and humorous skits. I have recently shot a collaborative video with fellow creator Ross Smith and his funniest grandma and I bet you should stay tuned for it.

YSW: What do you like doing most on the weekend if not creating content? Your favourite Hobbies.

RB: I love creating content and whenever I get a little time for myself, I love spending time with my family and friends who are my support system.

Radhika with her beloved dog Brownie.

I am also blessed with Brownie, my dog and I find it really relaxing to spend my time with her. And if you don't find me brainstorming for new content ideas, you'll probably find me escape on long drives.

Of course, I love chilling out with Netflix like anyone else. I sometimes binge watch a few of my favourite shows and I really don't know when to stop once I'm on it.

(Edited by Asha Chowdary)