This platform uses astro-numerological principles to help with professional and personal growth

Gurugram-based NumroVani merges the knowledge of occult sciences and psychology to advise corporate professionals and individuals on a variety of aspects for optimal growth.

This platform uses astro-numerological principles to help with professional and personal growth

Thursday March 24, 2022,

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What’s in a number? Going by ancient wisdom – everything. The science of astro-numerology dates back centuries. It traverses manmade borders, with versions of the science found across nations and practices. In India, particularly, it is taken very seriously by a large section of the population, who feel compelled to consult intricately drawn birth charts and other details, before making major life decisions. However, does this age-old practice appeal to the millennials and Gen-Z? Gurugram-based sixth generation astro-numerologist, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, believes it can when packaged correctly. He does exactly that through his platform NumroVani.

“I am an astro-numerologist and healer, and have done proprietary research in astrology, numerology, sound therapy and energy healing. My vision is to transform the occult sciences into an evidence-based science, which is accepted as part of our modern lifestyle. My brand NumroVani is a human-AI enabled company that bridges the gap between the contemporary world and occult sciences. We assist companies in achieving sustainable business growth by leveraging the powers of modern and occult sciences together,” explains Sidhharrth as he joins YS Weekender for a chat.


The calling

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Alwar Pharmacy College in Rajasthan, Sidhharrth has worked with a number of startups and multi-national corporations in varying roles like corporate strategy, brand strategy and go-to-market strategy in the field of Bio Pharma. He believes this experience has given him significant understanding of human physiology, medicines, and the methodology to be adopted for patient counselling.

Sidhharrth has been trained by his ancestors in the field of occult sciences, with his great grandfather being his first guru.

“On his advice, I lived nearly fifteen years of my life in hibernation by investing significant time in reading, researching and analysing the subject further. I travelled across India and visited libraries and museums to read out-of-print books and manuscripts. This journey increased my knowledge of the occult sciences and gave me exposure to modern day science and education as well,” he shares.

Sidhharrth’s primary focus areas are numerology, astrology and sound / music therapy. He is also a member of the Complementary Therapists Association, UK and one of the founders of the Global Alliance of Numerologists (GLAON), which is based in India.

“I have been aware that spirituality is my calling, since the age of six years. I would see people visit my great grandfather with their problems and return to share the positive outcomes of their stories. That made me want to learn this science and help humankind be better versions of themselves,” says Sidhharrth.

He officially began his practise in 2013 by launching NumroVani. Started as an MSME, the platform is now run by a team of ten, and was later transformed into a private limited company to give wings to their business aspirations. Its aim was simple - to assist in creating a workforce where each member is happy and the business is growing and providing value to each stakeholder.

People reach out to Sidhharrth through social media or email for in-person or online consultations.

Services on offer

The NumroVani platform offers a variety of services. These include providing advice on one’s corporate identity such as brand names, brand logos, brand taglines, product names and logos, and product launch dates; arranging employee assistance services focussing on employee wellbeing, inculcating a healthy workplace culture, and planning employee engagement methods, as well as analysing strategies for employee retention.

Further, NumroVani curates proactive wellness programs for startup founders, CXOs and mid to senior level executives to enhance their productivity and assist them in creating a happy workforce. Each program is customised based on individual personality mapping.

It also leverages the power of occult sciences and psychology for the process of hiring employees.

“We also advise individuals on solving real-life problems by adopting a preventive approach and optimising their growth trajectory in life. These include advice on lucky names, new born baby names, lucky mobile numbers, lucky email addresses, career stream selections, preventive approaches to health, marriage compatibility, stock recommendations, wedding dates, wedding décor colours and other customised queries,” he says.

Sidhharrth asserts that during the pandemic, the most requested services were by startup founders keen to manage their emotional and mental wellbeing, and to set up ‘people-first’ workplaces. Employee wellness services were also really popular.

How it works

It is a well-established fact that a happy employee is more productive. Every business is built around its people. Unfortunately, in many Southeast Asian nations, and India in particular, people are afraid to speak up or stake their rightful claims, due to a number of factors. Our predictive analytics model built on astro-numerology and psychology helps us predict problems and take remedial steps well in time,” explains Sidhharrth.

By working on the most integral component of business, the founder claims his team at NumroVani helps businesses build a workforce that is healthy and “ten times more productive”. Further, by choosing names and logos based on astro-numerology, Sidhharrth asserts that companies can build their public perception and do well.

Sharing examples, he says, “Our named brands have delivered 10/10 Net Promoter Scores over the last three years despite the volatile market. Whether we want to admit it or not, our personal and professional lives are intricately connected with each other, so one problem affects the other. Astro-numerological advice and sound therapy helps to build motivation to curate a lifestyle where one is able to achieve their aims and ambitions holistically.”

Since NumroVani relies on a number of tried and tested methodologies, Sidhharrth feels his platform has an edge over its competitors. He highlights that they leverage the principles of numerology, astrology including vedic astrology, KP astrology, nadi astrology and Panch Pakshi astrology, as well as sound and crystal therapy to curate solutions for a variety of personal and professional problems.

“After the intervention, we measure the impact of our programs on the basis of qualitative metrics. This allows us to visibly show the level of improvement and the effect of our work. Based on my own research, I have developed a particular brand of sound therapy and binaural beats which are customised as per an individual’s name and date of birth to enhance productivity."

"We have done a pilot study with over 10,000 corporate employees and published the findings of this study in a peer reviewed journal. I also have over five published research/review papers in renowned international journals where the focus of my research is to reimagine work culture through the power of spirituality and the occult sciences,” says Sidhharrth.

A contributor to multiple media houses where he shares different perspectives on the subject of the occult sciences on a regular basis, Sidhharrth also teaches occult sciences to new learners who are keen on this subject. He signs off by stressing the fact that we must look to methodologies of the past in order to plan our futures successfully.

Edited by Anju Narayanan