Sustainable Living: Give your home an eco-friendly makeover

Making your home sustainable with smart and eco-conscious choices requires one to take baby steps. Here’s how you can give your home an eco-friendly makeover.

Sustainable Living: Give your home an eco-friendly makeover

Saturday February 27, 2021,

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With growing awareness about environmental concerns and drastic climatic changes, people are realising the importance of sustainable living.

Following an eco-friendly approach and being more mindful of the choices we make in the era of hyper-consumerism can make a big difference in safeguarding our natural environment and the earth as a whole. 

The pandemic helped us further reflect on the value of practising sustainability, owing to the health benefits of green living and staying connected to nature in some way. If you want to make your abode a green paradise, focus on sustainability and make environment-friendly changes to your interiors, while taking your personal style into account.

Fortunately, there is a wide array of sustainable, convenient, affordable, and beautiful home decor items that can fit into any living space, from the simplest to the most exquisite. 

Here are some ways you can give your home an eco-friendly makeover and make your space safe and conscious for life on the planet:

bamboo furniture

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Choose sustainable furniture 

Eco-friendly furnishing materials put less stress on the environment and prevent the emission of harmful chemicals in the living space. Sustainable furniture adds a unique look to the house and is a better alternative to forest wood, assuring strength, longevity, and beauty.

For instance, bamboo, a tall grass, is an ideal alternative to wood as it is one of the fastest growing plants, which can grow up to three feet in a day. Thus, people are switching to bamboo swings, reclining chairs, coffee tables, bookcases, baskets, etc., to save the environment by preventing deforestation. 

Other eco-friendly materials used for making sustainable furniture are rattan and wicker, lumber, rubberwood, lantana, and reclaimed wood, among others. Refined and well-cut stones can also be used as furniture to create a posh look indoors. 


Planters by Eliteearth

Bring more houseplants

Indoor plants renew life in any space with their vibrant greenery and freshness. Popularly adapted as an inexpensive decor item, houseplants enhance the beauty of the interiors and keep the surrounding air clean and free of toxins. 

However, for indoor plants to function properly, it is important to choose the right kind of planter. Concrete planters are among the many vessels you can use to grow your indoor plants. Found in different sizes, concrete planters not only provide a suitable habitat for the plant to thrive, but also complement the house with their beautiful patterns, designs, and colours. 

vintage home decor

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Buy pre-owned goods 

In this day and age when everything is accessible at our doorstep at the click of a button, that too at a cheap price, we do not realise how much the overproduction of goods is burdening landfills.

One of the simplest ways to positively affect the environment with your home decor is to buy pre-owned goods. Vintage decor not only costs a lot less, but also gives a “distressed” chic look to the house. Head over to a local thrift shop or search on eBay to explore the gently-used items that can look great in your house. 

Also, reclaimed wood or metal is ideal for indoor air as they do not emit harmful chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOC) compared to new or freshly painted goods.
DIY planters

DIY planters | Source: Shutterstock

Beautify homes with creative DIYs

You can make your place sustainable by utilising waste materials such as popsicles, glass, and paper bags to create unique and personalised home décor items and accessories. 

Not only do DIY items decorate your home as you wish, but they also express your individuality with craft ideas. Developing something new from the old and upcycling are the best methods to reduce your carbon footprint. If you want to create a home decor item or accessory with minimal effort, use a ready-to-use concrete mixture, mould it into any shape or size, and paint it with the colour of your choice. 

Concrete is a ubiquitous and versatile material, which puts less stress on the environment and adds a tinge of elegance to the living space. 

Use non-toxic materials 

Whether you are planning to paint your walls, buy a new rug, carpet, curtains, or covers, make sure the materials are free of toxins. Cheap paints emit VOCs and other harmful chemicals, which can affect indoor air quality and make inhabitants vulnerable to chronic diseases. Thus, make sure to only opt for eco-friendly paints, which are safe for the environment and humans. 

Even carpets, rugs, or other household items made of synthetic materials have been known to emit high levels of VOCs and allergens. Thus, purchase products made of organic materials only. 

You cannot change your lifestyle overnight. Take baby steps to make your home sustainable with smart and eco-conscious choices. Switch to energy-efficient electronic devices, reduce plastic waste, consume less, practise minimalism, and follow the golden rule of reuse, reduce, and recycle.  

Edited by Lena Saha