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Curtain Raiser: Here's all you can do on March 23 and 24

No weekend plans yet? YS Life has got you covered. From what to do to where to eat and shop, discover all major events across Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata under one umbrella.

Curtain Raiser: Here's all you can do on March 23 and 24

Friday March 22, 2024 , 9 min Read

Curtain Raiser is a weekly column by YS Life to nudge our readers in the right direction to make the most of their weekends. We bring you a curation of the major events across Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.


Sunburn Holi Weekend Ft. Marshmello


When: March 24 | 4 PM onwards

Where: MMRDA Grounds

Cost: Rs 999 onwards 

Marshmello is set to tour India, and the American music producer and DJ will perform in four cities, playing some of the hits, including Keep It Mello, Silence, Wolves, and Find Me

The show promises a symphony of pulsing lights and unforgettable melodies, with Marshmello's anthems serving as the soundtrack to a night like no other. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience.

Tickets are available on BookMyShow.

Holi Blast 

Holi Blast

When: March 25 | 9 AM onwards

Where: Nexus Seawoods Mall,  Navi Mumbai

Cost: Rs 299 onwards

The Holi Blast promises an electrifying celebration with LIVE DJs Richal and Mak, who will fill the air with vibrant colours and energetic rhythms. The event is not just about music, it's a sensory experience that encompasses the essence of Holi. 

The event offers a delightful array of Holi special curations to tantalise taste buds, including traditional thandai, chaat counters, momo stations, along with refreshing drinks options. 

Tickets are available on Paytm Insider.

Versatile Javed Ali in Live Concert-Mohabbat Rafi

Javed Ali

When: March 24 | 6.30 PM onwards

Where: Shanmukhananda Hall

Cost: Rs 250 onwards

Experience a mesmerising musical tribute featuring renowned playback singer Javed Ali. This captivating show transports audiences through a journey of nostalgia, featuring timeless romantic solos and duets of legendary Mohammed Rafi. 

With his soulful voice and emotive renditions, Ali pays homage to timeless classics, evoking emotions of love, longing, and nostalgia. Expect unforgettable melodies and heartfelt performances celebrating the enduring legacy of Rafi's music.

Tickets are available on BookMyShow.


RED FM Sounds Of Punjab 2024 with Gurdas Maan

Sounds Of Punjab

When: March 23 | 5 PM onwards

Where: Talkatora Indoor Stadium

Cost: Rs 699 onwards

The fourth season of Sounds of Punjab will feature the celebrated singer Gurdas Maan, who will pay homage to the essence of Punjab. The show will feature various Punjabi cultural elements, including food, Bhangra, Giddha performances, and Gatka displays. 

Whether you're associated with Punjab or not, join to celebrate the region's rich heritage and traditions. 

Tickets are available on Paytm Insider.

Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktail Masterclass

When: March 23 | 5:30 PM onwards

Where: PCO Bar

Cost: Rs 2300 onwards

Experience the Speakeasy vibe at PCO, one of India's top 30 bars. Enjoy four gin-based cocktails, hands-on instructions for each cocktail, and time to prepare the next. 

Tickets are available on Paytm Insider.



When: March 24 | 12 PM

Where: PUBG farmhouse

Cost: Rs 299 onwards

HOLI BASH 3.0 is a vibrant Holi celebration in Delhi, featuring two stages with over 20 artists. The event offers interactive activities, vibrant decor, and surprises for attendees of all ages. Don your colourful attire and join friends and family to paint the town red, blue, green, and yellow at HOLI BASH 3.0, Delhi's ultimate Holi celebration.

Tickets are available on Paytm Insider.




When: March 22-24 

Where: Chowdiah Memorial Hall

Cost: Rs 300 onwards

The Bengaluru Arts Festival celebrates the power of arts to foster harmony. This year, it commemorates the centenary of Shri Pandit Kumar Gandharva, a legendary figure in music. It honours his legacies and provides a unique opportunity for audiences to experience global artistic expression. 

The festival’s objective is to bridge cultural divides and promote understanding through the universal language of the arts. 

Artists include Ronu Majumdar, Abhishek Raghuram, Venkatesh Kumar, and Rama Vaidyanath. It promises a rich tapestry of performances that entertain, provoke thought, and foster appreciation for the arts' role in society.

Tickets are available on BookMyShow.

Thoughts and Feelings: A Stand Up Comedy Special

Thoughts and Feelings:

When: March 24 | 5.30 PM onwards

Where: Mother Tekla Auditorium

Cost: Rs 499 onwards

Rajasekhar Mamidanna's stand-up comedy show, Thoughts and Feelings, offers a humorous and insightful exploration of his personal experiences with therapy and self-discovery. 

Known for his clean humour, Mamidanna delves into the taboo topic of mental health, sharing his transformation through storytelling, comedy, and life lessons. He invites audiences to join his journey of growth and self-awareness, demonstrating that laughter can be therapeutic. Thoughts and Feelings promises an unforgettable evening filled with laughter, introspection, and a celebration of the human experience.

Tickets are available on BookMyShow.

Usha Uthup and AIR Live In Concert

Usha Uthup

When: March 23 | 6 PM onwards

Where: Garuda Outdoor Courtyard

Cost: Rs 999 onwards

Usha Uthup and Alive India Rockstars will be performing in Bengaluru, marking Uthup’s triumphant return after being honoured with the Padma Bhushan award. 

The multilingual, multigenre concert will feature Bollywood hits and soulful classics, ensuring an unforgettable evening. 

Tickets are available on BookMyShow.

Mindful Face Yoga

Mindful Face Yoga

When: March 23 | 12 PM onwards

Where: SAMA: The Calm Mind Studio

Cost: Rs 925 onwards

Stress and ageing affect our faces, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of collagen. This ace yoga programme aims to raise awareness of facial anatomy causes of wrinkles and age factors and to teach massage techniques to counter these effects. 

The two-hour workshop begins with building self-love and gratitude towards one's appearance. It also involves mindful hand movements to gently massage and activate each part of the face, from the forehead to the eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth, and chin. 

Tickets are available on Paytm Insider.


Sukhwinder Singh Live in Concert

Sukhwinder Singh

When: March 24 | 6 PM onwards

Where: Rancho De Caballos

Cost: Rs 999 onwards

The Sukhwinder Singh Live in Concert event is set to ignite the vibrant spirit of Holi with his electrifying singing. 

The event promises to leave attendees spellbound, with Singh's boundless energy guaranteed to ignite the crowd and keep them dancing throughout the night. 

Join an unforgettable experience filled with music, laughter, and magical moments, creating unforgettable memories.

Tickets are available on BookMyShow.

DANIEL SLOSS: CAN’T - India Tour 2024 


When: March 23 | 7 PM onwards

Where: Sri Sathya Sai Nigamagamam

Cost: Rs 999 onwards

Daniel Sloss, a Scottish international comedy superstar, will perform his 12th solo show, Can’t, at Hyderabad. His previous global hits include HUBRiS, the world's largest solo comedy touring show, and X, his acclaimed tour de force about sexual assault. 

Tickets are available on Paytm Insider.

Sundunes Holi Festival 

When: March 24 | 8AM - March 25 | 3PM

Where: Trops Kitchen and Tavern

Cost: Rs 199 onwards

The Sundunes Holi Festival is a two-day event in Hyderabad, which will offer an unparalleled grandeur, with mesmerising performances, exquisite culinary delights, and an electric atmosphere surrounded by Hyderabad's elite. 

The event features a lineup of top-notch talent, including DJs, singers, rappers, and live dhol performances. It also includes an afterparty with an infectious band. 

On the second day, the festival features a massive stage, Holi theme decor, rain dance, a photo booth, a curated food menu, mocktails and cocktails, organic colours, and more.

Tickets are available on BookMyShow.


Rang Raas Holi #1 Biggest Holi Concert 

Rang Raas

When: March 24 | 10 AM onwards

Where: YMCA Royapettah

Cost: Rs 549 onwards

Rang Raas Holi is an epic Holi celebration in Chennai featuring Bollywood celebrity host Rannvijay Singha, a dedicated couple zone, live DJ performances, rainbow themes, rain dance, water balloons, nasik dhol, colours, foam dance, face painting, food, games, photo booth, best party setup, influencers, celebrity walk-ins, and gift coupons and vouchers.

Tickets are available on Paytm Insider.

Let It Be ! Ft. Sundaresh & Pratima

Let It Be

When: March 24 | 4.30 PM onwards

Where: Fika

Cost: Rs 249 onwards

Sundaresh and Pratima's show, et it be, offers a hilarious journey through various life experiences, including breakups, work mishaps, and family quirks. The show's title is a nod to the duo’s motto, and they use their observations and wacky insights to make the audience laugh and enjoy the show.

Tickets are available on Paytm Insider.

Cyrusly by Cyrus Broacha

Cyrusly by Cyrus Broacha

When: March 23 | 7 PM onwards

Where: Music Academy 

Cost: Rs 500 onwards

Stand-up comedian and political satirist Cyrus Broacha is known for his sharp observations and fearless commentary on current affairs. Broacha promises an unforgettable performance that will leave audiences entertained and enlightened. Expect a rollercoaster ride of laughter and insight as he showcases his unparalleled comedic talents.

Tickets are available on BookMyShow.


Rajkumari by Nayab Midha - A Poetry Special

Rajkumari by Nayab Midha

When: March 24

Where: Durken Teddy 

Cost: Rs 499 onwards

The audio film Cooking Love is a journey through emotions, from initial crush to heartbreak, and ultimately discovering love within. It also explores Nayab's battles with homesickness and loneliness and features music to keep the audience entertained. The film explores the journey of love and its cooking.

Tickets are available on Paytm Insider.

HOLI HAI! 2.0 


When: March 24 | 11 AM onwards

Where: Swaraj Garden

Cost: Rs 249 onwards

Experience the vibrancy of traditional Holi with the timeless splendour of gula, while transported into the contemporary realm of live electronic music. 

This groundbreaking event combines ancient customs with pulsating beats of EDM, remixes, and Bollywood tunes, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Enjoy unlimited organic colours, fashion accessories, merchandise, delectable foods, and refreshing drinks. 

Tickets are available on Paytm Insider.

Drawing with Thread Workshop

Drawing with Thread Workshop

When: March 23 | 11 AM onwards

Where: Kolkata Centre for Creativity

Cost: Rs 1200 onwards

This hands-on workshop explores embroidery and storytelling through traditional techniques like Kantha and modern fabric design. Participants learn basic stitching skills, layout creation, fabric selection, recycling cloth for personalised masterpieces, inspiration for DIY projects, innovative gifting ideas, and framing and presentation of final products.

Tickets are available on Paytm Insider.

Edited by Suman Singh