Make your taste buds dance to the tunes of Italian and Japanese flavours at Swan Delhi

YS Life made a stop at Swan, one of New Delhi’s most popular restaurants, to sample their Italian and Japanese fare.

Make your taste buds dance to the tunes of Italian and Japanese flavours at Swan Delhi

Friday March 03, 2023,

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If you are a resident of New Delhi, it’s highly likely that you’ve already made your way to the posh locality of Mehrauli, one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the city, where the old seamlessly merges with the new. 

The charming bylanes here boast a great selection of al-fresco restaurants and bars, with stunning views of the Qutub Minar. No wonder, most of the outlets are packed with couples or youngsters, who love to try some great food and exotic cocktails. 


Amid the many restaurants that have opened here, there are only a handful that have maintained their reputation from the start. Swan is one such name–ever since the swanky space opened its doors to the public in December 2020, it has an ever-growing tribe of loyalists from all quarters. What makes it tick? Apart from its stunning decor, it is probably the only restaurant in the city to serve both Japanese and Italian flavours under one roof. Trust restaurateur Zorawar Kalra (of Massive Restaurants fame) to always offer something unique to his diners. 

YS Life recently visited Swan to know what the hype is all about.

The design

It’s not just the food, but the interiors that make a world of a difference. At Swan, the decor and design seem to be well thought out, both in the indoor and outdoor spaces. 

The indoor area is striking and has the bar as the centrepiece–there’s no way you can miss it. There’s some glimmering metal foliage that hangs from the ceiling, which is an interesting addition. It resembles a towering tree with branches when you catch its first glimpse. 


The bar forms the centrepiece at Swan

But my heart lies in their al-fresco terrace–what a lovely space, with a side of Qutub Minar for company. While I went there for brunch and had to sit indoors that afternoon (the rain gods were furious), my eyes constantly yearned for a view of the historical monument. It’s just the perfect setting, particularly in winter and spring to sit back and enjoy a drink or two with your loved ones. Honestly, you could even bring yourself on a solo date. The place is magical to say the least. 

A melange of Italian and Japanese flavours 

The food and drinks are always the hero of any restaurant, and let’s just say Swan makes for a perfect blockbuster. My fellow diner and I experimented with a wide selection of dishes, and everything turned out to be flavourful. 

Before digging into their specialties, we ordered their cocktails. As a true-blue gin lover, I couldn’t help but zero in on The Parisian Style that had gin, elderflower, tonic, slapped sage leaf, and lime wedges. It was a refreshing concoction and paired beautifully with the food.

We also tried Swan Style (their signature drink), which had gin, mint, tonic, saline, and fresh basil. This one was equally light and breezy, perfect for the weather I’d say! 


Gin cocktails at Swan

Swan has an interesting Japanese menu, so it’s quite a shame if you don’t order sushi! We went for the Prawn Tempura Roll that didn’t just look incredible, but also tasted delicious. I am not a big fan of raw food, which is why this variation was just right for the Indian palate. Next up, we went for a selection of Bruschetta layered with fresh ingredients like tomato, basil, roasted bell pepper, mushroom, and parmesan. Crunchy in every bite! 


Prawn Tempura Sushi at Swan

Next, we ordered Crispy Mushroom and Baked Pesto Chicken. The former was pure comfort food, demolished within a few minutes. The chicken was fresh and juicy, enhanced with pesto made from fresh basil leaves. It’s important to mention here that everyone doesn’t do pesto well–sometimes, it’s too sharp or bitter; here, it was balanced and that’s what I enjoyed. 


Baked Pesto Chicken

On to the Italian menu, and I must say, I was mighty impressed. I sampled their wood fired pizza with smoked chicken. The crust was delicious, while the toppings were melt-in-the-mouth. But don’t just end your meal with this; do try their pastas too (yes, even if you are full). It’s also fun to watch your pasta being made live!

Their staff first added the spaghetti to the cheese wheel, which was then torched to melt the cheese. The pasta is then dunked into this pool and mixed well. I saw the process right before my eyes–and trust me, I could barely wait for it to land on my plate. Give me cheese and I am a happy child!

Sweet ending 

I’ll be honest–it felt as if my belly would burst at this point, but I did try some of their desserts that were earlier a part of their Sunday brunch menu (they have discontinued it now due to warm weather in Delhi). The hot and gooey chocolate fudge and the red velvet cake were lip-smacking to say the least. I wish I could have tried more–but there’s always a next time. 

All in all, Swan Delhi is a perfect spot to enjoy unforgettable food and drinks. Go for a solo date or with your partner or take your family. You’re welcome! 

Address: Khasra 1501, 1st floor, Kalka Das Marg, Ward 1, Mehrauli, New Delhi 

Timings: 12.30 pm - 1 am

Cost for two (without alcohol): Approx Rs 2,500

Edited by Megha Reddy