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Rapid Fire with YS Life: Udita Bansal, Founder of trueBrowns

YS Life poses fun, quirky questions to startup founders and investors to discover their personalities, beyond their businesses.

Rapid Fire with YS Life: Udita Bansal, Founder of trueBrowns

Saturday March 09, 2024 , 3 min Read

India’s fashion landscape is undergoing an unprecedented change. Fashion enthusiasts and stylists are now betting big, and often preferring homegrown lifestyle and fashion products over their global counterparts. 

With a focus on craftsmanship and exclusivity, India’s homegrown fashion labels are catering to a wider range of sizes and body-types—a concern that global brands have been failing to address. In line with that, NIFT alum Udita Bansal founded trueBrowns in 2019, an urban ethnic lifestyle brand that focuses on inclusivity by offering a varied range of sizes (2XS to 6XL). 

Initially launching a women’s wear collection, the brand has now shifted gears and dived into menswear and jewellery categories as well. With actor Chitrangada Singh as its co-creator and ambassador, trueBrowns has now initiated its international expansion through online channels that now accounts to 25% of the brand’s business. It is also planning to soon launch its exclusive brand outlets. 

Recently, YS Life posed fun and quirky questions to founder Bansal to discover his personality, beyond his business. 

YS Life (YSL): Describe yourself in three words.

Udita Bansal (UB): Disciplined, passionate, and optimist.

YSL: The one thing that you love about your job? 

UB: Everything! But if I have to choose, it will be conceptualising key brand campaigns.

YSL: The one thing that you hate about your job? 

UB: There is nothing I hate, but one thing I find very tough and disheartening to do is when we have to take hard calls on people. 

YSL: What is the first thing that you do in the morning? 

UB: Meditate, journal, and exercise. 

YSL: What is the last thing you do before bed? 

UB: Plan my next day.

YSL: Weekdays or weekends—what do you prefer more? 

UB: A balanced day excites me, packed with both action and time for myself. 

YSL: Two entrepreneurs you do not mind getting stuck on an isolated island with? 

UB: Harshil Karia (Founder of Schbang); and Steve Jobs, if I could go back in time!

YSL: Fame or money? 

UB: Purpose or fulfilment from your actions.

YSL: Consistency or quality? 

UB: Consistency can lead to quality; so consistency in the right direction.

YSL: If you could style one celebrity entrepreneur or actor in trueBrowns, who would it be? 

UB: Anushka Sharma.

YSL: Three things that are always to be found in your handbag? 

UB: Lip balm, air pods, and my phone. Not for calls or messages, but UPI wallet!

YSL: A person you look up to inspiration for? 

UB: Myself. I journal and write more on tough days to go within, and to get a clear thinking head and spirit.

YSL: If not an entrepreneur, then what? 

UB: Yoga instructor or Kathak dancer. 

YSL: What would you do if you were to be invisible for a day? 

UB: Experience the life of an artist—painter, musician, or dancer. 

YSL: A mantra that you live by? 

UB: Nothing is impossible, the power to create lies within each of us.

Edited by Megha Reddy