Dr.Nirmala Shetty, Founder,Nirmal Herbal Skin and Hair Care Clinics

Sunday November 23, 2008,

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YourStory had the pleasure of interviewing the face that launched a thousand smiles.

Dr. Nirmala Shetty, a graduate from the Bombay University, worked for 18 years in a company but still felt the need to pursue an ambition which would satisfy her soul. As she quips, "soul wanted more though the stomach was being filled by the job."

So what led to the birth of Nirmal Herbal, one of the best naturopath cosmetic clinics in India located in Mumbai?

When I was young, I invariably found myself wishing that I had a glowing skin. It was around then that I had begun experimenting at home with fruits and vegetables in order to create the perfect solution. You see, home-made remedies have always been synonymous with my mother, who has been my true hero and role model. I used to quietly sit and watch her conjure up these antidotes for both the skin and the hair. It was like watching a magician at work! So yes, all my experimentation eventually did pay off and resulted in my radiant, youthful complexion.

Nirmala continued this experimentation on friends while doing her job. "A friend who was getting married asked me to take care of her skin as she did not trust anyone. I stayed with her till her marriage, making preparations, which made her skin glow and sparkle," says Nirmala. Slowly the word spread and people started calling her to use her unique beauty products and treatments. Meanwhile colleagues from her office too started visiting her with their problems.And what better than treating people with regards to their skin and hair. She decided to equip herself professionally and graduated from various beauty courses- both herbal and conventional such as aromatherapy and cosmetology. After completed her ND and MD in naturopathy and alternative medicine, in early 1992, Nirmala opened her first clinic at her residence in Chembur, Mumbai.

Since then Nirmala business has grown north. Few years later she launched her second branch, at Bandra. At the same time in the year 2002- 2004, she also doubled up as a beauty consultant for the beauty salon at The Hyatt Regency, Mumbai. She opened her first franchise branch at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. Her recently opened family salon at Chembur caters to men, women and children.

Nirmala makes it a point to mention that her husband Jay Shetty has been a great pillar of support throughout her journey. He manages all the operations and nitty gritty of running the business while she concentrates on new beauty recipes.Her products have successfully withstood the rigour of marketing onslaught by MNC companies in India and her beauty treatments are passed from one generation to another. In fact the mothers who use to come to her for beauty treatments have now teenage daughters becoming her loyal clientele.

Ask her about the secret behind her everlasting beauty treatments and she says, "Nirmal's Herbal Skin & Hair Care Clinic lays emphasis on exclusive tailor made, safe and curative treatments for skin and hair, using freshly ground natural ingredients in peaceful and hygienic ambience with firm commitment of the dedicated management and the employees."


She has been a prominent writer for various newspapers and magazines such as DNA, Femina, Bombay Times, Indian Express, Mid-Day, Intelligent beautician.She has officially treated Miss India International and Miss India World for their hair and trained them to pursue natural products made at home. Her participation in the Serial Beauty Mantra which is being telecast in U.S.A and U.K has helped her create a huge clientele abroad.

Future RoadMap; Nirmala is looking at expanding her operations but is taking it slow as she does not want to compromise on the quality and dilute her brand equity, franchise is an option, but she says, "I will partner only with people who are passionate about beauty and maintain the high standards and experience which i have created over the years"

Honestly, if you have a word with my customers they'll tell you that Nirmal Herbal is, most definitely, the best solution for all your skin and hair needs. So the next time you pamper yourself, you should always opt for the safest and most natural product on the market. You can't go wrong with Nirmal Herbal!

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