Unveils Social media marketing for Consumer Brands

Tuesday January 13, 2009,

2 min Read is a social networking portal in India has launched ChillX sole online branding Ads platform -, the social media marketing platform provides consumer targeted businesses to connect with Indian consumers. Through the sole online branding platform, members can now learn about brands in a fun and educative manner.

" sole branding platform represents a completely new way of advertising online along with not being disruptive to the audience".


This platform allows brands to book time slots within the network to display their brand messages, it encourages members to interact with the ads by participating in contests, or becoming fans through the brands microsite on ChillX. This serves multiple purposes; it allows the member to browse information at their own leisure along with blending with the environment. When a brand's message is being displayed this is being displayed throughout the network thus enabling members to converse with their friends about a specific topic during their chat sessions or through their interaction with their friends. Brands will only succeed with this model if they create content in the form of stories for the community to read, traditional Internet advertising tactics are not taken into account for this model.

"The core of every member's experience on is through their profile and to be part of the community brands need to have their own profile too so that members get to choose if they want to be associated with the brand being featured." The profile pages for brands can incorporate the brand colors but the layout is similar to a profile page of a member so that the experience on is consistent there by allowing brands and members to connect in a streamlined fashion. To top this off has introduced a section on the brands profile to hold various competitions/contests. Each competition being held is around the brand message thus enabling the member to make educative decisions and take an active part in participating with each brand. has gone one step further to have a beta release to refine the model taking feedback from both members as well as well businesses that plan participating in this initiative.

This enables advertisers to deliver tailored and relevant interactive advertising to ChillX members. Each advertisement needs to tell a story rather than personal gain information.

For more information about sole branding platform, please

email the team: info at chillx dot com

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