Health and fitness mantra for Entrepreneurs in 2009

4th Jan 2009
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Health and fitness mantra for Entrepreneurs in 2009Dr. Shradha Gupta, M.B.B.S.

Year after year we make

resolutions to exercise regularly, eat healthy, quit bad habits and follow a

healthy lifestyle. As the year progresses our resolutions take a backseat. But

we forget that such small changes in our lifestyle can help us in the long run.

Following these small rules can decrease the risk of heart disease by 80%, risk

of diabetes by 90% and cancer by 50%.

So I would recommend you to

kindly read it and put an effort to incorporate it in your life.

RULE 1: Start your day with a healthy breakfast

Most of us busy people forget to

have the first meal of the day i.e. BREAKFAST as it is self explanatory, as a

word it means to break the fast you have been overnight on. Contrary to the

thought that skipping a meal will help you loose weight, instead it sends

signals to the body to use less calories. So the aim of burning more calories

to loose weight is not achieved.

RULE 2: Drink plenty of water

Whenever thirsty reach for a

glass of pure and hygienic drinking water. Water is truly essential for living.

Aerated drinks, tea, coffee and most other exciting options acts as diuretic

i.e. it pushes fluid out of ones body rather than hydrating it. One should

drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday to flush out the toxins produced in the


RULE 3: Eat


Good nutrition is one which enables us to grow well and

enjoy good health. We should follow a basic rule while planning our meals.

Carbohydrates should form 65-80% of the diet, fats should be 10-30% and

proteins should be 7-15%. Vitamins and minerals included. Each component has a

specific role in the body.

Include fruits and fibre in your diet as a high fibre diet

helps to reduce cholesterol, decreases the absorption of fats and protects

against cancer.

RULE 4: Incorporate

milk, its product and other sources of calcium

Calcium is required for healthy bones, teeth and other

functions in the body. A deficiency of calcium leads to brittle bones and

multiple fractures which are commonly seem in old females after menopause. So

it all the more important if you are a female to make reserves of calcium in

your body properly. Studies have proved that incorporating milk products help

you loose weight

RULE 5: Keep sugar

and caffeine to a minimum

A cup of tea is 70 Cal

and of coffee is 110 Cal. So

every time you help yourself with a cup remember you are adding these calories

to your daily intake. It's hard to believe, but decreasing sugar actually

increases people's energy, by minimizing the highs and lows that sweet foods

triggers and of course keeping a check on the calorie sheet.

RULE 6: Quit

smoking and other bad habits

There is nothing good about it. If you're having trouble

quitting, start smoking less today -- smoke only half a cigarette, and skip as

many of your usual smokes as you can -- and get help right away. Get some

guidance about why it is you smoke to figure out how best to stop doing it.

Smoking cessation groups can be extremely helpful and supportive, and

medications like a nicotine patch can help decrease the cravings.

RULE 7: Exercise

Incorporate exercise in your life in the form you like it.

Yoga, gym, walking, dancing, aerobics, outdoor sports are few options to be

named but the list is long. Regular exercise keeps your weight in check,

refreshes your mind, keeps infections away and is the best method to reduce the

stress. Hormones released after exercise uplifts your mood, improves your

immunity and reduces negative thoughts in your body.

RULE 8: Sleep for

8 hours

A sound sleep is what you need the most after a tiring day.

A good sleep enhances your immune system, memory and decreases the chances of a

cardiovascular disease. It helps you to arrange your thoughts properly and

create a clear picture for you.

RULE 9: Be


Heath is a state of complete physical, mental and social

wellbeing. So a healthy life would be incomplete without a healthy mind. Be

positive and spread happiness.

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