National Calendar Design Competition for students - Make designs or click pictures

Wednesday January 14, 2009,

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creADvitiy and presents National Calendar Design Competition for students – Make designs or click pictures

Theme: What better way

to bring in the New Year than to prepare yourself and others for the coming

year with a brand new calendar for the brand new year. There’s a plethora of

issues that people need to be reminded about all year round – from saving the

environment, to doing a good deed everyday, to be prepared for facing terror

attacks, to watching a movie every weekend or being happy every moment everyday.

So choose from the below themes for your

creative work:

- Humor


Bring a smile on the face or elicit a bright laugh ever time

- Environment

…    Increase awareness and sensitivity

towards environment

- Movies

…             Needs no explanation :)

- Help

the aged …   Tell everyone that we

need to take time out for them

- Education

for all… Make your own contribution towards this noble cause

-Vote Dijiye

…      If we want national leadership of

our choice, we should  cast our votes,



you need to do:

  • Pick one of the themes from above (you can work onmultiple themes if you want to submit more than one entry)
  • Make a set of 6(six)pictures that can go on a calendar one each for 2 months of the year
  • Use original designs or click original pictures andcombine them with messages
  • Choice of the format of the calendar remains withyou … desk calendar, e-calendar, wall hanging calendar … or any other
  • innovative – never seen before – format that you want to come up with.
  • Innovation in format will be regarded highly while selecting the best entries.





Deadline for submission of entries is Feb

9th midnight


Awards: Total cash

prizes worth Rs.10,000 to be given away.


– Rs.5,000 cash and place in the creADivity gallery


Mention – Rs.1,000 and place in the creADivity gallery


all winners will be announced on

with an article covering the designs


Write to us at [email protected] for any

clarifications or questions!

** All creative entries will become property of and

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