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Monday July 20, 2009,

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“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an old saying, and heaven forgive the cliché but it applies here. When it comes to online photo printing and personalized merchandising, I was quite unaware that one person could seamlessly bind the two. However, now that he has done it, the cohesion looks obvious. Ankit Khanna is a 27 year old Entrepreneur and young by any standards who has created – online photo printing and personalized merchandise service.

He pursued the ideals of an entrepreneur for his own reasons which he states saying “Regular job doesn’t give you enough freedom to showcase creativity, acumen and skills in a most useful and resourceful manner. Creating something from scratch and watching it grow bigger as a baby gives immense satisfaction. Nothing can match the same.”

He has jumped many hurdles and cleared them all, each one taking him closer to his goal. On his tests of entrepreneurial skill he says “There were many. When we guys started, we hardly had any noticeable experience to carry out any function. But we are determined to learn and that kept us going from day one.”

“Paucity of funds and lack of business acumen were the key challenges. The team was small and task was huge. So scarcity of good talent was missing. In any business, cashing key contacts is necessary which we lacked. But we picked up these later quite well.”

Ankit is known for saying “always be hopeful” and adds “At times, you might get frustrated and disappointed, and feel like giving up. This is very natural and bound to happen. I never took these thoughts seriously and dealt with these situations maturity.” 

His sense of achievement comes from customer service and pleasing his clients. He says “Happy customers. Nothing can beat that. This is what we aspire for and work for. Rest follows on its own. More you give to the customer, more opportunities you will have to grow and offer.”

“I believe our ability to be creative and innovative with our product offerings and exceptional customer services are the key differentiators. We believe in building loyalty customer base.

We are working with quite a few web services for powering their printing needs and for their customers to scale up fast. One will see the results in the next 6 months.”

He believes that will trump the competition because of its offerings. He has faith that they will be able to carve a niche because of:-

a. Innovative and creative product range

b. Higher percentage of loyal customers

c. Tie-ups with other web services in the market

d. Expansion of operations in other countries

He is practical in his outlook, and believes that funds are the key to expanding his team. His success also rests on the tie-ups with other web services scaling up fast. However, he is keen to state that he wants a strong back end system to manage the exponential rate of growth of orders.

As an entrepreneur he has his own set of beliefs about what shall bring success. He says “Start fast and be flexible with your approach, Start with funds. Never hope for profits in first two years, always seek advice from other people in same industry and always be humble to your customers”

Yourstory wishes him luck in his dealings and believes that Ankit Khanna has his story all set for success.

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