Sudhir Sreenivasan, Co-Founder, OzTern Digital Services Pvt. Ltd

Wednesday July 15, 2009,

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Promoting Growth Online . . .
The Internet has brought many unique benefits to marketing, one of which being lower costs and greater capabilities for the distribution of information and media to a global audience. But how does one use this potent marketing medium to gain visibility to the targeted internet audience amongst over 100 million websites and a trillion web pages?

Enter online marketing solutions – a bouquet of internet marketing strategies that help a website break free of the clutter and gain visibility with its target audience. And who better to provide these expert professional services than OzTern Digital Services Private Ltd. Oztern provides Online Marketing solutions only to small & Medium technology companies around the world.

Founded in 2009, OzTern is promoted by dynamic entrepreneur Sudhir Sreenivasan, one of India’s Top-most Online Marketer in collaboration with OzTern Technology Pvt Ltd, a Software product development company. Armed with over 10 years experience in Online Marketing, having worked for various International B2B & B2C portals, Sudhir decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge by utilizing his deep-rooted domain expertise to help SMEs promote their products and services online.

Headquartered at the Technopark in Trivandrum, OzTern Digital Services is a full-service Consulting Company offering comprehensive Online Marketing Solutions. “OzTern Digital Services combines extensive experience and knowledge in online marketing techniques to create an effective Web presence for clients that generates a substantial increase in qualified traffic and revenue”, says Sudhir, explaing his company’s business model to YourStory.

Explaining his company’s differentiators, Sudhir explains that “OzTern is positioned as a comprehensive internet marketing solutions provider. OzTern Digital’s online business plan for clients takes into account various online marketing methods including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Link Building, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Online PR, Social Marketing Optimization (SMO) etc., and recommend the perfect marketing mix to promote one’s online business.” Sudhir further elaborates on a collaborative hand holding approach that his company follows saying that, “once OzTern evaluates its clients website on various parameters, they recommend the best overall marketing strategy”, thereby helping clients optimize their internet marketing effort from the very beginning.

Another competitive differentiator for OzTern Digital is its access to development of proprietary technology due to its association with its parent – OzTern Technology Pvt Ltd. “OzTern will be developing Proprietary tools for enhancing Online marketing needs of clients of OzTern Digital”, says Sudhir elaborating on the symbiotic relationship between the two companies.

Sudhir has charted an aggressive growth strategy for OzTern, in its bid to one of India's fastest growing Online Marketing Company with international clients. Sudhir has taken a collaborative approach to attaining growth explaining that “currently, OzTern Digital has Business partnerships with other like-minded firms, which are actually mutually beneficial relationships. We are also looking forward to have fruitful relations with outsourcing companies in the USA, Canada, UK & Australia.”

Another major milestone for OzTern on the anvil is the launch of its ChocoNet platform for clients. “The ChocoNet platform is a series of tools that gives you the power to optimize your website for Search engines, track competitors, etc.”, says Sudhir with the strong belief that this extremely user-friendly platform will be able to save on both the clients time and money while optimizing its internet marketing efforts.

On his personal journey as an entrepreneur Sudhir says, “being my own boss and giving life to an idea is what drives me.” And what about giving up the uncertainties of the entrepreneurial life for a high paying job, “not even in my dreams” came the prompt reply.

Closing our interaction with Sudhir we asked him what advise would he like to give the young entrepreneurs – Sudhir shares with us this thought, “only mutual trust, hard work & dedication can result in your growth.”

YourStory wishes Sudhir all the best hoping that he soon translates his dream of being the leading internet marketing provider with a premiere international client list.

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