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Thursday July 09, 2009,

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Wealth Creating Mindset, what’s your belief?

It’s all about money, honey. There are probably as many beliefs about making money as there ways to make money. “ Money is the root of all evil”, “ Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “ Easy money, therefore, easy come, easy go”, “ Money is Power”, “ Money is a means to an end”, “ Being poor is shameful”, “ Having too much money is shameful”.

The chatter about cash is endless in our heads. It’s no wonder than many of us do not have a healthy relationship with money. If you want to know what your belief is about wealth and an abundance of monetary riches, stop here for a moment and take a long, hard look at what’s going on in your life with regard to money. Do you have enough for your needs? Do you want more? What do you want money for? Are you always searching for ways to earn more? Are you happy with your financial status? And most importantly are you feeling abundant and flush with wealth?

If you dig a little deeper, at the bottom of all these queries, you will discover that there are certain core beliefs that are driving how we view money. It could be believing that we do not deserve to be rich or that my family has always been poor/rich/frugal, so I must be that way too or if I talk about money I am a bad person who only cares about money.

These beliefs operate at a subconscious level and create much dissonance with who we are as people and can often prevent us from being truly content with the state of our wealth or getting the drive and motivation to change our situation for the better. So if I have a fearful belief system, if I fear repeating my parents’ pattern about money, then very likely I will repeat those patterns in my attempts to make money. This cycle of abundance and lack will carry on till one is able to see what is underneath what we believe and take a call whether these are helpful to us or are stopping us from achieving what we want.

Our sub-conscious mind is so powerful that it takes us left when the rest of us feels we want to go right and the sub-conscious mind wins the conflict every time , creating instability and pain in our lives.

So, whatever your challenges at business, take the lid of what you believe, take a look inside and see if you can really understand what is driving you. Once you gain this understanding, you will achieve a sense of deep relaxation and motivation to really work on what you want.

Here’s to abundance in your lives.


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