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Rebecca Jamir and Anurag Tripthi, Partners, Mumbai O’7 , Events

Saturday August 29, 2009 , 3 min Read

“Doing their best” 

If throwing a great party is your idea of a career, you have something in common with the founders of Mumbai o’7, Events. Rebecca Jamir and Anurag Tripthi are the people to go to if you really want to create a buzz around an event or if you are looking for that one face that can launch a hundred ships.

Without further ado our Young Entrepreneurs cut to the chase telling us about themselves and their company. “Mumbai o’7 is a Mumbai based company into event management, advertising and casting. Involved in promotional activities for films, clubs, several events like music launch, premier, brand promotions etc. Mumbai o’7 has tie ups with many

big hotels in Mumbai and is involved in several activities related to promotion in these five star and seven star hotels. Other activities are portfolio management of individuals and companies as well. Since we are into promotions and advertising activities of films, serials and ads we have good contacts required for casting opportunities for aspiring models and actors.”

Their presence and work in tinsel town has provided them with the tools to effectively service their clients while giving many an opportunity to work. “Regarding scope, since Mumbai o’7 is into events many people are associated and benefited in the events which take place regularly. An event when organized requires help of several people from creative to ground work and management. It requires the help of many people and hence lots of people are benefited from it directly. The services are used by clients (Corporate, Individuals, Clubs … etc)” says the duo.

Mumbai o’7 is distinctive in its approach towards their work they spoke on their aim to stand by their words stating “A team effort to promote an individual, an event, a company or even a cause is our business model. We believe in achieving the targets set by us and moving ahead with more responsibilities.”

Their future growth depends on the reputation they build today. They have already identified certain areas that will be instrumental in giving them a hand up the ladder. They aim at “Creating more confidence in the minds of our present customers, Customer satisfaction and good public relations. We want to involve more man power when ever and where ever required. Promotional activities to enhance the image of our company and of course good word of mouth.”

Their “Self Confidence and an aim to achieve success in this field.” have kept them focused on their entrepreneurial journey. 

Becoming one’s own master has been their motivation for leading the life of entrepreneurs. Rebecca personally believes in giving her best to everything she does and thus answers “Every work is a challenge and no challenge is big or small, to overcome it you have to accept it and work hard and there is no escape.”

Faith and hope are two factors that keep every entrepreneur focused and string even when the going is tough. Rebbecca and Anurag summed up the learning that entrepreneurship and their Guru have bestowed upon them saying “Believe in yourself and let the others believe in you. Do the best and the best will come back to you. So says Guru Shri.Shri.RaviShankar of Art of Living give your 100% then even if you fail you won’t regret.”

Yourstory wishes them and Mumbai o’7 triumph over all their challenges and every variety of success they can wish for.