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Sumit Goyal, Founder & CEO, PlanForMe.Com (Katyani E-Commerce Ltd)

Monday August 31, 2009 , 4 min Read

“The Best Plan”

Planning a night out or any occasion has always been a job that the most organized and knowledgeable in your circle of friends has taken up. If you often wonder where they get all their information from, then wonder no longer, chances are they use PlanForMe.Com to find the best deals at your favorite restaurants. 

Sumit Goyal is the progenitor of this concept and he told YourStory more about their offerings saying “ is a virtual food zone where people can choose their favorite delicacies from a myriad of delectable cuisines. The website is easy to navigate and allows an end user to select a restaurant, order a meal or reserve a table at a place of their choice. Offers, menus, reviews, ratings and contact details of their favorite restaurants or clubs have been uploaded.”

“Apart from dining, also plans parties for all occasions such as weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and more. Picking and choosing a destination is one of the most common problems that are faced by all those who want to celebrate auspicious occasions and provides comprehensive list of party halls, party lawns, farm houses, community halls and marriage halls located in and around your city. The user can browse through this extensive list, mark the desired location and enter into negotiation. The website has proven to be an online travel guide for visitors; they can extricate information about different cities capturing its fun and spirit like never before.”

“The website provides all the information that you would like to know about your city, keeping you abreast with all the latest happenings. So if you are wondering what to do with your weekends, allow us to plan an unforgettable time for you.”

Sumit explains the mutual benefits of using his site for end users and service providers saying “ benefits both the user and the subscriber. While a restaurant, bar and club owner gets the desired exposure by registering with free of cost, the user who orders food by using the website avails the discounts of 15 to 30 per cent and a lot more. All these services are available online as well as offline.”

“The business model would be from commission from vendors and ad sales.

We are the only company successfully operating and executing close to 100 orders every single day in this genre.”

Sumit is banking on a change in fortunes to expand his reach to other regions and he predicts an upward swing in the market. He says “In another 6 months we are planning to expand our network to the regions all across. As the Indian economy is booming and with a sudden splurge of palatial hotels with world class ambience, it is quite essential to have a platform through which costumers and hotels can coordinate. Keeping in mind the dynamics of increasing subscriber base, we have kept registration with free, to ensure each individual take the benefits of it.”

The strategy and planning that entrepreneurship requires is not just Sumit’s field of expertise but also hi passion. He says “The concept of conceiving an idea and then the planning stage and finally the toughest part, the execution of that plan is something that gives me a high. I have successfully set up many start-ups in the real estate and construction industry.”

“Running a company which is a start-up is like raising an infant and the process of growth is like raising the kid to become a full grown adult ready to combat the world. The very thought is more heady than a tequila shot.”

“Being from a non technical background, initially it was difficult for me to cope up with the dynamics of the internet; I gave up everything else for complete six months and drowned myself in the ocean of websites and programs before setting up”

The only chink in Sumit’s armour is the age factor; he sighs and says “I should have started when I was 20.”

Nevertheless his determination and enthusiasm have remained undiminished allowing him to accumulate a user base of 50,000 in just 3 months, and 2 lakhs unique visitors every month. Sumit says “An over whelming response from both the members and the users has been my biggest achievement so far.”

Sumit believes in the concepts of Karma and believes that it applies even to entrepreneurship, he advises “Be good, do good and the good would find you.”

YourStory wishes that good fortune finds Sumit Goyal, and prays that his enthusiasm for planning and entrepreneurship grow with each passing day.