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Nidhi Singh and Sumit Singh, Founders, MySunshine Candles

Tuesday September 01, 2009 , 6 min Read

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray

You'll never know dear, how much I love you

Please don't take my sunshine away” 

When country music legend Johnny Cash sang the above lines, he had little idea of the invocation that Nidhi and Sumit would make ever so unknowingly. Nevertheless there are more parallels between their venture and the lyrics to the classic song “My Sunshine” than just the title. Nidhi Singh and Sumit Singh are the entrepreneurs behind MySunshine Candles.

They spoke on their “Green” venture saying “Launched by IIT- IIM - BVP alums in Dec 2008, MySunshine Candles is a one of its kind, finest studio, for specialized designer aroma therapy candles. We create premium aroma candles using the most natural healthy ingredients such as essential oils and premium quality wax such as Beeswax and Palm-wax. These waxes are procured only from the natural sources. At MySunshine Candles, we develop and promote green and eco friendly gifts that complement the candles. We aspire to give our customers a healthy experience when they use our candles. We promote our motto of ‘Go Green, Be Healthy’”

“Our range of offering include:

  •  Made-to-order aroma therapy candles,
  •  Green tea [sourced directly from the Land of Seven sisters]
  •  Orange Pekoe [sourced directly from the Land of Seven sisters]
  •  Darjeeling Tea [sourced directly from the Land of Seven sisters]
  •  Ayurvedic soaps [cured in the Himalayan air],
  •  Plant seeds [Seasonal flowers] This is an attempt to allow the local nursery owners to reach out to a larger audience.
  •  Innovative terracotta designs and Tea light diffusers
  •  Jute bags etc.”

“With an enhanced range of offering, MySunshine Candles is slowly venturing into Eco friendly and Green gifting solutions. We wish to make this world a healthier place to live and contribute towards this in no-matter-how-small-a-way that is.” 

“A small step that we took in this direction is; MySunshine gift packs are packaged in only the handmade paper and jute/bamboo baskets only. We promote Minimal use of plastic and other non biodegradable substances.” 

What had started as an enjoyable repast, morphed into a business idea. They explain how their concept gradually materialized saying “Designing candles started as a hobby, but soon the entrepreneur inside us identified the market segment for customized aroma therapy candle and MySunshine Candles was born. From an only candles online store to an online store of wide range of eco friendly products, our journey has been one interesting ride. Every day, we think of new echo friendly products that can replace existing products that can be used in everyday life, hence making our planet a better place to live in. However, our love lies with designing candles and it is this passion for making things beautiful that binds us all together.” 

“MySunshine Candles had a modest start as a hobby but soon we saw a market for our products. Still we had doubts and fears to face. These fears for more because both, Sumit and I, are first generation business leaders in our respective families. We actually had to think a lot before taking the plunge. Coming from middle class families where a job is considered to be the final destination in one’s career, starting a small company, trying to materialize what you really wish for, was very difficult.”


Nidhi was always attracted to beauty and the finer things in life. She recalls “Since childhood, my dream was to make things around me more beautiful. I love receiving and giving beautiful gifts. Whenever I wanted to buy gifts for my friends, it was always a teddy bear, deodorant, an expensive Archies card. I never found environment friendly gifts anywhere. This was one of the reasons why we started MySunshine Candles.”

Sumit on the other hand likes to create and make beauty; he explains his credo saying “I am a creative person out and out. I am a self taught musician who can play more than 15 instruments from various genres. I’d been enterprising ever since my childhood finding ways to do things differently. So when the idea of Candles came across this seemed like THE THING to do. Also, I was starting my MBA at IIM Lucknow and I always believed that books can’t make you smart. MySunshine Candles was the perfect way to make a head way into the main stream business line and test for myself what they teach at Business Schools. Upon completion of MBA, I plan to lead MySunshine Candles into newer businesses.”

Their foray into entrepreneurship led them to discover new facets of their personalities and abilities. Nidhi says “I realized that I can actually take initiatives and complete a task, all by myself! I had burned myself through many a sleepless nights researching information about candles, their blends etc. I learnt a lot about consumer behavior, product promotion and advertisements, finance etc which I could have never learnt while working for a company. I’ve actually become more confident of myself now.”

“When we began, I faced issues with my time management skills. However, as things progressed and I geared up myself things seem to be back in the race now! It takes your everything to start your own venture. Obviously you have nobody to answer, so there is freedom to some extent, but at the end of the day you got to answer yourself.”

Sumit found his belief in his abilities confirmed in real world circumstances. He says “I was never into books but I always believed in myself. Today, when I see MySunshine Candles doing great I look back to reflect that it’s one’s self confidence that’s required to make things happen. The networking skills helped us a lot in making connections and finding resources that gave us a huge advantage in product development.” 

“I wasn’t sure about myself if what I am doing is right or not. More so cause it all had to have a bookish theory to support. It was not a regular sight to see an IITian foraying into Candles business but then that made it exciting. Nidhi helped me grow over that initial fear and there was no looking back.”

 “All it takes to start your own business is the first step to DO IT. Don’t think a lot over to do not to do. Just do it and keep walking. I always believe in Have the first step and a beer before you quit J “

Nidhi believes that being environmentally responsible is essential to entrepreneurship. She says “My vision for MySunshine Candles is to make it a 100% Green company. We’re trying to get solar panels installed to make our candles Green. It should happen soon.”

As an Entrepreneur who is facing the ups and downs of business herself she advises saying “Don’t get disheartened by small failures. They are a part of the game and who said life was fair anyways. There will be many appreciators and many a people to pull you down. Don’t let yourself down and always believe in yourself and your product/service. Never lose the customer focus. Always take their insights as the prime!”