~Puja and Rajan Arora, Founders, NurseryAdmissions.Com

“First step in Education”
Being a parent is not an easy task in this day and age which we live in. Making the best choices for ones progeny can be confusing especially when it comes to getting an education. The range of choices and the assorted claims by educational institutions can turn a simple decision into a mind boggling experience. Puja and Rajan Arora are two parents who faced this conundrum and decided to make life easier for other parents like them. NurseryAdmissions.Com is not just their entrepreneurial venture but a helping hand to those in a similar position.

Their site was launched 2 years ago with a very small motive – to help parents in the nursery admissions process in Delhi by providing appropriate information and guidance. NurseryAdmissions.Com is maintained by the Husband/Wife team with the sole objective of not letting any parent suffer the lack of information and help, which they faced when their son was due for nursery school admission two years ago.

An initiative which started as a passion, has turned into a huge venture. The social network has grown in leaps and bounds with 11600 couples as member and has hundreds joining daily. 

The entrepreneurial couple spoke of their venture and its implications saying “ started as our “Parents for Parents Initiative”. The biggest problem faced by any parent once their child is young enough to go to school, is to get admission in a good school of their choice. With so many schools to choose from, it is very difficult to keep track of the admission procedures and dates for any parent.”

“It is a virtual nightmare, which one gets to experience when they face it themselves. Two years back, we faced the same problem. Looking for our son AAryan’s admission, we found no resource, online or offline to help us. After trying to convince many others including our son’s play school to start such centralized Nursery Admissions Help lines on the internet and getting no positive response from anyone, we decided to take up this initiative ourselves. This led to the birth of the Biggest Community of Parents discussing and sharing issues related to school admissions and it was called NurseryAdmissions.Com. It started as a “Parents for Parents Initiative” with just the two of us researching and putting the information online to share with other parents. Slowly and steadily, the word spread about this social initiative by word of mouth as well as national media and today it is the biggest community of parents on this subject. We now call it a ‘Parents for Parents Community’.”

 If the numbers are anything to go by then NurseryAdmissions.Com will soon be among the largest online communities. The duo says “The scope of this community is growing with every passing day and we expect to widen its reach and benefits in the time to come by bringing in the schools and the decision makers on this platform. Currently, there are approx 12500+ parents/couples as members on NurseryAdmissions.Com and it is expected to reach more than 50,000 by March 2010.”

“It is not an Orkut or a Facebook but it surely is one of the stickiest community sites, with more than 60 minutes spent online daily per visitor/ 60 plus pages visited per user and less than 20% bounce rate. Currently, this platform is catering to parents in Delhi and NCR only. We are getting lots of requests from parents from other cities in India and plan to expand our reach to many of the top cities in the first phase.”

The couple cited their reasons for loving the entrepreneurial path they have taken saying “Its the freedom to innovate, to think, to be creative and to help others.”

They have found that a good idea can work and all you need is to believe. They spoke of the lesson they learnt in self belief saying “ We underestimated the response to an initiative, which started from home : ) Can't call it a mistake though, in fact it motivates us now.”

The investments that they have made have been of varying kinds. “It can not be measured in rupees or dollars. There is more sweat and blood equity, which has made this platform what it, is today. Everything including the capital investment has been in house.”

The light of knowledge and information they have lit continues to burn fiercely. Their path breaking initiative has gathered a lot of attention, Puja speaks of the accolades that have been showered on them saying “NurseryAdmissions.Com has got huge media attention, be it the national dailies like "The Hindustan Times", "The Times of India", "The Indian Express", "The Asian Age" and a leading newspaper in Switzerland or the media channels like "NDTV", Zee TV etc. However, we still believe the best recognition we get is in the form of hundreds of emails, which we get from parents who have benefited from our platform. Our most prestigious award is the love and wishes we have received from parents in the past 2 years. And every time a child secures his right to good education, it is an award for us.”

The husband-wife duo seem to have found their life’s aims in aiding others, and Yourstory wishes them success and happiness along the way. The entrepreneurial couple conveyed their simple yet powerful message to all those who want to make a change with their ideas saying “Never give up.”


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