Googlers Can Finally Find Their Parisian Love With GoogleCrush

Monday February 15, 2010,

1 min Read

Love, it seems, is in the air at Google. And to capitalize on that, the startup GoodCrush has created a new feature: GoogleCrush

Here’s how it works: if you work at Google and have a email address, you simply enter your name and that email address, and then enter the email address of up to 5 other people that work at Google that you have a crush on. If one of those people also enters you as one of their crushes, you’ll be connected. If the person you added as a crush doesn’t add you back, your name will remain anonymous.

This timely and humorous addition is simply an extension of GoodCrush, the service which does the same thing as I described above but for college campuses. For it to work, the sender and recipient have to have the same .edu email address. Since its launch last Monday,GoodCrush is available for a couple dozen colleges around the U.S., there are around 6,000 registered users, and some 18,500 crush emails have been sent.


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