Piyush Jain, Sandeep Kumar, Neeraj Vijay, Founders Semsols Technologies

Saturday February 13, 2010,

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Chase your dream you will fly one day!

It started in 2008 when three friends chose to leave their nine to five job and follw their own dream. They landed themselves a twenty hour job instead and they never looked back. We are talking about the trio of Piyush Jain, Sandeep Kumar and Neeraj Vijay who started their own company, Semsols Techologies to give their passions the freedom and the platform it deserved.

Semsols Technologies is engaged in internet marketing, website designing and web application development. Not only do they cater to the needs of the Indian cliets but also handle clients internationally. They promote and sell their custom products which are highly popular all over the world.

"Internet marketing and search engine optimization being our primary domain gives us the freedom to market our clients & their products to new heights We understand the power of online business with its core value of changing your ten page corporate site into a great revenue stream. So we would describe us as a complete search engine marketing solution company which can take you to the top." they say.

Today Semsols have their own team of development experts to develop custom web application products and solutions as per their clients requirement. Their custom made script called 'Question Answer Script' is one of the best available script in the market. These entrepreneurs have sold more than three hundred of their question answer script in the span of eight months!

"People who are using our scripts come to us to buy more scripts for their sites. Our clients are getting best services in terms of search engine marketing in making their online presence." say the founders. So far Semsols has 20 employees and a branch in Patna and they are lookin forward to expand in Delhi and other metros as well.

Like every sucessful venture Semsols also has revenue generation techniques to scale up their business. First of all they get enquiry from clients regarding their services through their corporate site www.semsols.com and their team provides the services efficiently and secondly they sell their own products online through sites such as www.questionanswerscript.com and www.tryscripts.com

As with most startups, initial days were difficult for this group. In the morning they had their job and they used to work for Semsols in the night, but they had saved so much that they were confident of running their own set up for six months without any revenue generation.

Piyush and Sandeep recall that they had a big share of challenges too.This kind of concept regarding online marketing and search engine optimization was new for people. They had to struggle to get employees who were willing to work with them. "We started to convince people that we will be giving them six month training on new domain of online marketing and SEO and in those month time they will be paid too. So this worked for us after struggling for employees in the initial days of our startup." says Piyush.

Did they make mistakes?? "Our biggest mistake was to come up without a license version of our product Question Answer script." recalls Neeraj. Intially they use to sell their scripts without any license. Their sale was good after some time they found that their script was present on the torrent download site free of cost. That wasn't a good news for them but was a great lesson for them to go for a license version.

With the sour their have been various sweet achievements too in the journey of these entrepreneurs. Their product Question and Answer script has been recognized as best script for making a question answer site in less than ten minutes. Cnet.com has included their script in their download section and has given it a five star rating!

And above all the most prestigious achievement are the good words from their clients. They have a list of clients who have gone for more than five licenses. "There are up and downs in the company but all our efforts is concentrated to make company big and provide maximum benefit to the clients, people and our employees. We are now in the position to provide regular jobs to others. Being truly satisfied all our efforts and thinking goes for the growth of company." says Sandeep. They are all enjoying the ups and downs of their dream company. And now when their dreams are fulfilled they are set to take it up to the great heights.

In the coming years Sandeep and his associates are working on the ideas which are in demand. They are planning to come up with more than five new and unique products under their belt. " We have targeted to grow to 35 full time employees. In terms of revenue growth we are targeting to achieve at least 50% more growth than year 2009." points out Sandeep

These entrepreneurs have seen it all. As the experience holders they want to advice the coming entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and their ideas.They add, "Have faith in yourself. If you believe yourself, initially you can get some setbacks but over and over efforts will make you successful one day."

YourStory wishes Piyush, Sandeep, Neeraj and their dream company, Semsols all the luck and wishes to see them grow with flying colours in the coming years.

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