Yogesh Huja, Founder, Swaran Soft Technologies

Tuesday February 16, 2010,

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Leaders in Web Automation!

A concept was lodged in 1998 by Yogesh Huja, and he then dedicated his effort to his mother. Yogesh's idea was a technology company by the name of Swaran Soft Suppot Solutions. Swaran Soft is an umbrella group which provides a wide range of end-to-end services and solutions to its clients, which enable them to make informed and wise investments in technology, in sync with their business objectives.


The company is focussed to address the key areas like technology driven process automation, setting up & supporting infrastructure for technology driven projects & promoting the brands in most effective manner to reach a precise target audience as per business requirement. In order to achieve this the umbrella is expanding its arms into latest technology verticals.

They have four divisions and service portals to address customer needs namely www.mobilex.in, www.webpromotionx.com, www.travelxconnect.com and www.facebookapps.in "Our service portfolio offers companies assistance right from conceptualization to implementation. Our vision is to serve our customer with appropriate skills & dedicated teams." says Yogesh

Up until now Swaransoft has spread its wings in India, Middle East, UK and US and now focusing to expand glo-cally. At present company has served to more than three thousand costumers over a period of ten years. They have a strong presence with corporate like GE, DMRC, Honda, Bausch & Lomb, HIS, Global Insight, Saudi Aramco and many other top giants of industry, and now they plan to follow a projectized approach towards the growth of their organization."We are looking towards five hundred percent of growth of our company. Sky is no more limit its way beyond as far as we all can travel together." says Yogesh.

Swaran Soft

Time delivery, customer satisfaction and innovative team and team structure is what sets them apart from any other company. Yogesh explains this in a simpler approach and says "It is the dealing which makes the entire change when you eat food in a dhaba as well as you eat in a seven star hotel. The enjoyment is felt at both places but depends on what is your mind. We understand our customer well in advance and serve with a best possible recipe as per his taste and provide an effective ambience of seven star or dhaba. We have a dealing strategy which is driven from experience. We are travelling on road and enjoying this journey along with our customers and partners."According to Yogesh, things which are driven by passion cannot be served in nine to five frame. Ideas come to everyone's mind but implementation need lots of courage and time to invest. This perception of Yogesh urged him to be an entrepreneur and he started his dream project with nothing in hand. He says " All successful people have seen the truth behind creation of a success story. I had been watching yourstory.in since its inception & see today I am so motivated that I am writing for you guys. This is an 'aah! moment' ….which can’t be purchased or acquired. This sits way beyond the super conscious mind."

Yogesh assume his mistakes as his success path, and the gretest success path he travelled was compromising with health at many stages of journey for which he is conscious now as a healthy mind is the turbine to convert all potential energy into kinetic energy.

He faced many challenges too but to be specific he tells us an incident which was the turning point of their lives. He says "We got an opportunity to conduct the lottery for allotment of land in Gurgaon by Haryana Urban Development Authority, this project was worth eight hundred crore of funds management. We had never handled the size before and my team was pretty unaware of lot of areas which would come through while we will work. In nutshell there were lots of imaginary fears which were on top of everyone’s mind. We all did a strong commitment that this is possible and we have to deliver the best of ourselves. The entire project went through for ninety days and there were lots of hurdles which we faced and the end result was we were awarded and appreciated by State Government and entire media. This gave a strong clarity of thought and established a benchmark in market for Swaran Soft".

So far SwaranSoft has achieved a lot and has been appreciated by many giant companies like GE, Honda and DMRC for their work and excellence.

And finally Yogesh shares his words to the budding entrepreneurs and advices them to go for their ideas and stick to it and they will get paid for what they deserve. This will not only meet their needs but also give them tremendous success in their journey.

YourStory wishes Yogesh Huja all the luck and many more 'aah! moments' ahead.

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