St Joseph's College of Commerce and YourStory present Intracollegiate Business Plan competition

19th Mar 2010
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St Joseph's College of Commerce and YourStory present Intracollegiate Business Plan competition. The Final event will be held tomorrow at St Joseph's College of Commerce, Bangalore

The event saw students present Business plans under the guidance of Professor Ravi A Richard as part of their course on Entrepreneurship. The shortlisted teams will present their Business Plan tomorrow during the Finals.


St Joseph's College of Commerce

No : 163, Brigade Road,

Bangalore - 560 025

When :

20th March 2010 10:30 AM

A brief description of the interesting and promising Business Plans that the students submitted is given below

“Seventh Heaven Holidays”

“Seventh Heaven Holidays” with the tagline, “Experience a new living”; seeks to provide an ultimate getaway to the corporate employees and students in the most beautiful district of Karnataka- Coorg. It not only provides the facilities of a pleasant home stay with a soothing spa, backed by fun and games, barbeque and team building activities.

Through this venture, we seek to provide a delightful experience as one gets to see a wide spectrum of landscape camping at our home stay. The winding roads, acres and acres of coffee and cardamom plantations, misty hills, stretches of paddy fields, small river streams calm and serene. The chirping of innumerable birds which are easier heard than seen, fill the air and set the rhythm. It is almost as if you can almost choose the vignettes that you want to capture and then embark on your journey from where the camp is located. Night beckons the visitors along guided jungle trails.

As the bonfire blazes one can lie on their back and use the in-house telescope to embark on a cosmic trip to map the skies. One can satiate their hunger by gorging on some delectable and mouth watering Coorg food served at the camp. Visitors here can be on their very own tropical getaway surrounded by verdant hills and forests.

Amidst the tropical getaway, the visitors can make use of the soothing organic spa facilities to invigorate your senses. The uniqueness of the venture is that it is eco – friendly and hence serves the purpose of being an abode for relaxation for our target market by eliminating any resemblance to the cacophony of urban and semi-urban areas.


Alistair Pinto, Akanksha agarwal, Aruna P, Imran Ahmed, Gurekta Sethi,George K


Cork’d – A Venture of E`silvier Estates

E`silvier Estates, a vineyard well established and owned by the Mathai family since 1986. It originally distributed its wines to select restaurants and retail stores, but it has now decided to move down the value chain by setting up its own luxury wine bar namely – Cork’d, which provides the locals of Bangalore City a taste of our superior wine quality as well as complement it with a feel of exclusivity and elegance.

This venture is being brought together by the efforts of a partnership consisting of six capable individuals, headed by the daughter of the founder of E`silvier Estates itself. Cork’d will be situated in the heart of the city, easily accessible by the target market (upper middle class to higher class segment). So as to cater to our niche market effectively we will be serving them the finest choice of our wines, waited upon by carefully picked expert staff and surrounded by an ambience that enhances the experience of wine culture to a different level

By :

Kevin Victor, Divya Mathhai, Samuel Joshua John, Nitish Winston, Nikita Lopez, Abhishai Paul

Happy Feet for children

Our business is a play school and day care centre named Happy Feet for children aged between 3 months and 4 years.

The business is registered as a partnership firm comprising of five partners having equal partnership rights and duties.

Our joint initiative provides play school and day care facilities in business parks and residential complexes ensuring a healthy and secure environment for children’s growth and all round development.

We plan to target the following areas:

* Business Parks- Embassy Golf Links

* Residential Complexes: The targeted complexes are:

o Brigade Gateway by Brigade Group

o Mantri Greens by Mantri Group

Our services include:

* Play school: From Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. with focus on education

* Day care centre: Looking after the children and catering to their needs from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m.-8 p.m. as per the convenience of the parents

* Reminders about check-ups: Reminding the parents about regular checkups, vaccination shots etc. for their children and making appointments with pediatricians through tie-ups with hospitals if required.

By :

Prerna, Vaishnavi Ravi, Deepthi Nambiar, Snigdha Deb, Mohite Gayatri


A Business Plan On Food Court

The Passage to India

Market research shows that the food industry is expected to grow at steady rate due to the rise in the disposable income of middle income groups and hence we are planning to set up a food court in Bangalore city which offers wide and extensive assortment of traditional cuisines available in various parts of our country under one roof.

In order to extend the feel and to make the eating experience in our food court more special each opening in our food court will have its own customized ambience and our food court will be divided into cubicles based on this cuisine specific look. Therefore the two important factors that separate our food court from our competitors are as follows:

o Extensive assortment of traditional regional cuisines from regions such as Punjab, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

o Specifically designed ambience based on the region to enhance the overall experience of having a region specific food item

Our choice of location is Kundalahalli due its nearness to Whitefield, Marathahalli ring road and the ITPB area that constitutes people from all parts of our country and hence a good target market for our food court. The growing number of residential appartments around the area also provides us with great market which we plan to attract through various cultural gathering and food festivals.

We are planning to take a loan of 4,00,00,000 crore and the rest of the 1,00,00,000 crore required to start the business will be shared equally by the partners. Start up cost of acquiring land and building food court is Rs 4.5 crore including 2.5 crore&2crore respectively.

As we are introducing new concept of food court in Bangalore for the first time and our plan is to offer 20 different food sections presenting different state rich food culture. So this is the reason why we have acquired half acre land and built 10000sq ft. area to provide world class services to customers and for rest of the space we have planned to maintain beautiful landscape to provide ambience and delight to customers.

We have planned to hire 5 functional heads for managing services, marketing, finance, HR and public relations. We plan to hire roughly 5 Assistant managers, 6 chefs, and 20 assistant workers to cook, and 20 other helper boys for cleaning and taking order and for service. The salary expenses of staff and managers would be Rs 9 lacs per month.

We have estimated to breakeven in 3 years. We have budget of Rs19.2 lacs per year on advertisement and promotion because our concept is new in the market. So success of the plan would depend on how fast effective promotion campaign will pull crowd to food court location. We will be expecting 1000 customer per day from first month of our project. In addition we will be catering home delivery and corporate customers.

By :  Jiju Balan, Megha,Sabeena Pasha,Minu Vajra,Stephanie Lasrado,Sangeeta KC

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