The Dell Social Innovation Competition : Funding of $50,000

By Team YS
March 09, 2010, Updated on : Thu Apr 08 2021 08:57:52 GMT+0000
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The Dell Social Innovation Competition operates like a business-plan competition, awarding seed funding directly to the student-led venture that best meets the judges’ criteria.


The competition has 4 stages:

  1. College students from around the world enter the competition online, each with a brief description of his or her innovation.
  2. Competition judges invite a small group of semifinalists to develop their ideas into detailed venture plans. Each semifinalist records a 3-minute video pitch of his or her plan.
  3. Judges select 3 finalists to travel to Austin, Texas, to present their plans to a committee comprised of leaders from the business, non-profit and government sectors.
  4. During the final event, held at The University of Texas at Austin, all finalists receives prizes, and the overall winner receives $50,000 to launch his or her venture.

Grand Prize: $50,000

The team or individual with the most ingenious entrepreneurial idea to change the world wins the grand prize of $50,000 in seed funding to launch or expand their idea.

The Tomberg Prize in Environmental Sustainability: $10,000

The Tomberg Family Philanthropies encourage the development of effective and practical solutions to environmental sustainability by challenging students to dream green. Competition entries addressing the environment are eligible to win a special $10,000 prize.

Contestants entering the competition will be notified of their eligibility to win the Tomberg Prize when the semifinalists are announced. The Tomberg Prize winner will be awarded at the reception following the final round of competition in May.

2010 Semifinalist Teams

Judge’s Selections

A Safe Vaccine Delivery Device That Does Not Need Refrigeration

AAHAR: Wholesome Food for Rickshaw pullers and Slum dwellers

Ag 4 Africa: A rural development model for Sub-Saharan Africa


Breaking the Wall by ICT

Bringing hope to the lives of amputees one leg at a time.

Chow: The e-Marketplace Where Food Wins

Cost effective two stage evacuated solar still for rural people of India

Creating SMILES - building the nation


Digital Literacy Project

Earth and Bamboo Construction

Educating sustainable entrepreneurs. Cultivating the human potential.

Education Breaking Down Mountains

Enable K-12 teachers to leverage each others' best lesson content; and reward high value teachers.

Eureka! - Find better ways to do good

Faith-in-Love Hour-- innovative currency for Volunteer Incentive Platform

Fighting Poverty in Southern Sudan

From Street On Board

High School Knowledge Database

House a Hero: Helping veterans avoid homelessness.

Innovative business model to create the world's first global, mission driven micro-insurance company

Karnak Kenaf Company - Kenaf Paper

Kosh - Universalizing Access To Educational Content

Look Smart

Moca Lab: A Laboratory for Promoting Peace and Improving Access to Health Care in Resource-Poor and Conflict Areas in the Philippines

Moringa HOPE Project

OroClean: Gold Mining Solution

Project Yele: A Community Bazaar in Yele, Sierra Leone

Rainwater Harvesting in Kuttanad, India

Redirecting Food Wastes into a Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Aquaculture

Revamping shipping containers as classroom modules.

Running Water International - Clean Water. Healthy World.


Security & Health ? for farmers & families in China through community-based organic farming

Seed to Feed

Silver Ceramic Cup (SCC)

Sisi ni Amani ("We are Peace") - Mapping Peace in Kenya

SoluPower: Providing electricity to those who need it most

Speramus - Personalized Online Fundraising

Supporting education and enterprise in Sierra Leone

Sustainable Irrigation for Community Agriculture in Rural South Africa

The DoubleGreen Credit Builder Loan Program

To create an efficient, transparent and structured rice market by establishing a modern platform for the exchange of Farabana rice (Mali)

Trie Health: Incentivizing Healthy Eating to Reduce Obesity One Household at a Time

Tseai Energy Lights Up Sierra Leone

Urban Solar Charging Stations: Carbon Free Mobility

Waste to Watts: Alleviating Energy Poverty Using Repurposed Electronic Waste

We connect students to education opportunities and eliminate the gap between opportunities available to rural and urban students.

Wing Venture Funds: a new financial vehicle for social development


Top 10 by Popular Vote

1. PoverUP

2. A Eco-Friendly Business Venture

3. Computer Learning on Wheels

4. Hope For Women in Kibera: The Kibera School for Girls and Shining Hope Community Center

5. Building a Music School for Ugandan Disadvantaged Children

6. An online market for high-end fashion donations to make a difference

7. Guatemalan Honey Cooperative for Economic Development

8. Mini Finance: Gateway to prosperous India

9. A Social Venture to uplift Indian handicraft industry and help the artisans


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