LETSINTERN.COM launched to make Internships easier

Team YS
12th Apr 2010
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Are you an ambitious young boy or girl who wants get a taste of life in the office? Have you given up the thought of doing an internship in your holidays, because you don't know how to go about it? Are you a company on the look out for bright students, but daunted by the all consuming effort of approaching dozens of colleges and interviewing a whole host of candidates. If so, we've got just thing for you. And all it will take is the click of a mouse. Just log on to www.letsintern.com. .

LetsIntern aims at providing a single platform for interaction between 10 million graduates across India and thousands of organisation spread across the length and breadth of this country. It offers internships across sector and disciplines, so whether you are law, architecture, engineering or arts student, it caters to all of you. Similarly it caters across firms.

The idea originated over a conversation we had, one lazy Tuesday afternoon, over the lack of practical skills that fresh graduates possess and internship scenario in India. Both of us have extensive experience dealing with international internships. Having worked closely with many colleges and companies, and having gone through many HR reports confirmed our belief in the subject. With 90% of the graduate population entering the workforce, rather than opting for a master's degree, we felt there had to be a better method than the famous Indian "Jugaad" for students to connect with organization and plug this gap.

This conversation spurred the two of us to start this new venture. We knew Internships were the prime answer to the problem, and within an hour of our chat, we booked the domain name "www.letsintern.com" and started work on making it a success. It was launched on March 17th, Internships are beneficial to companies as they bring in an enthusiastic, young, work-force which is cost-effective and project based and at the same time builds a better talent pool to recruit from tomorrow. It's a win-win for all.

LetsIntern is a first service provider in the internships arena that that consults, designs and delivers. The aim is to create engaging platforms for organizations and students to interact and build mutually enduring value. They offer the entire 360 degree service of identifying the needs of the organization, defining a meaningful job description, pre-selecting the right candidates, setting the right expectations, monitoring progress through mid-reviews, conducting post-evaluation and generating case studies for each intern. With multiples clients across sectors, letsintern.com is already generating revenues within two months and is reaching out to more and more students.

About Entrepreneurs behind Letsintern

Mayank Batheja (23) and Rishabh Gupta (24) are alumni of Delhi University. Ex-Vice-President, Talent Management, AIESEC India, Mayank was also a member of AIESEC's Global People Strategy team which overlooks a member network of more than 50,000 associates. He then went on to work at Mirabilis Advisory, an economic development consultancy firm before branching off on his own, leveraging his 5+ years of dealing with Internships and young students.

A marketing topper from TAPMI, Rishabh was also a recipient of the Ratan Tata Scholarship. He began his career with Reliance Big Entertainment, and proceeded to the role of Business Development at INX Network. His last stint was with Network 18, as a product Manager for their youth centric portal In.com, from where he proceeded to begin this innovative new venture. He is responsible for the marketing, networking and online part of the business, as Mayank takes care of the Humran Resource aspect of the business.

Contact us:

For any further queries, do contact us:

Our Office:

1600, B1 

Vasant Kunj 

New Delhi – 110070

Contact Details:

Mayank Batheja 

Mob: +91 98111 84210 (New Delhi)

E-mail: mayank.batheja@letsintern.com

Rishabh Gupta 

Mob: +91 98208 62280 (Mumbai)

E-mail: rishabh.gupta@letsintern.com

General Queries:

E-mail: Letstalk@letsintern.com

Who are we?

LetsIntern is a young start up that aims to create a movement that will harness the underutilized energies and potential of 10 million+ students graduating from colleges across the country every year.

LetsIntern is not a job-site. We are service providers who will design and facilitate a truly enriching internship for both the company and the intern. We will help define a meaningful job description, set the right expectations, monitor progress through mid-reviews, do post-evaluation and generate case studies for each intern.

Why should one invest in Interns?

Leading corporate houses and upcoming companies alike today realize the importance of investing in robust internship programs. Keeping in tune with the trends and growing common practises, we aim to promote the practise of interning to:

  • Channelize the talent and potential of the raw and motivated workforce.
  • Establish relationships and inculcate the practises of Brand Building in the youth, which is the future of tomorrow’s corporate world.
  • Help create awareness of employment opportunities available and attract the best candidates for your requirement.
  • Provide economical work-force, with potential to be moulded into tactical projects which require high manpower for short term.
  • This provides a cost-effective way to sample recruits for final placements.

All big names (Pepsi, Mckinsey, Google, P&G, GE, Goldman Sachs etc.) hire interns. Unfortunately, the mid-size and small firms, who stand to benefit the most from a robust internship program, fail to capitalize on this “cost-effective” and “motivated” pool with values which should drive talent in such firms.

With Letsintern.com students and SMEs both have a newer place to check out for opportunities.

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