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Friday May 14, 2010,

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 The 4th INSAED Leadership Summit Europe is being held today on Friday 14 May 2010 in Fontainebleau, France. It will also be an opportunity to celebrate INSEAD's 50th Anniversary.

The world is reflecting on the lessons to be learned from the financial crisis. With a weakened global financial system and governments deeply in-debt, attention is focused on conceiving a new architecture for public and private action capable of creating jobs and revitalizing economic growth. What is the most sustainable solution for economic prosperity? How can we prepare and plan for the road ahead?


On Friday, 14 May 2010, global leaders from business, academia, government, media and the social sector will come together at INSEAD in Fontainebleau for the Leadership Summit Europe 2010. Their goal is to find sustainable solutions for economic prosperity. Interactive sessions will discuss the important role that entrepreneurship, private equity, governance and innovation can play.

This summit continues the 50th anniversary celebrations of INSEAD - the Business School for the World. Join us for a day of vibrant discussion on the solutions for successful business and governance in the new economy and meet with the selected '50 Alumni who changed the world’


CNBC will be on-campus broadcasting live during the Leadership Summit with Geoff Cutmore, presenter of the channel's flagship morning programme Squawk Box Europe, conducting interviews with the Summit's delegates. CNBC is INSEAD's official broadcast media partner for this event. Click here to watch an introductory video.


Entrepreneurship is one of the core values of INSEAD - It is in our DNA.

Entrepreneurship is more than new business creation; it is the art of taking action to solve neglected problems in society. Effective entrepreneurship engages, empowers and excites. The Global Entrepreneurship Forum is the celebration of entrepreneurship at INSEAD and the meeting point of INSEAD’s leading entrepreneurs and venture investors.

The entrepreneurship track will feature a close look at the global trends in angel investing, fire pitches by seasoned entrepreneurs searching for funding, a panel discussion on effective entrepreneurial leadership and the announcement of INSEAD’s leading entrepreneurs. This track is led by Filipe Santos, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Academic Director, INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, Director, Rudolf and Valeria Maag International Centre for Entrepreneurship (Maag ICE)

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