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Dheeraj Grover, Founder & CEO, OroEdge Health Care Pvt Ltd

Tuesday July 20, 2010 , 4 min Read

“Solving Dental Problems”

First (DHMO) in INDIA and Dental Health Plans Company || Comprehensive Dental Coverage

Some problems are easy to identify, and others tend to just sneak up on you till they produce blinding headaches of the dental variety. Your teeth tend to be neglected and they become a problem for every human sooner or later. To further compound matters dental treatment is most expensive the world over, and India has no standardized and any benefit dental program whatsoever.

Dr Dheeraj Grover and Dr Kumar Gaurav are Dental  entrepreneurs who are bringing a change with OroEdge Health Care Pvt Ltd a Dental Health management Organisation (DHMO)

They explained to us how OroEdge Health Care ( will not only provide complete Diagnostic, Preventive, and Curative treatment but also bring dental insurance to the forefront.

What prompted you to start OroEdge as your entrepreneurial venture?

Dental treatment is the most expensive Outpatient treatment modality world over. Unfortunately in our country with such vast population and varied income strata there was no relief in this regard despite alarming statistics as given by NOHCP. Moreover absence of standardization in treatment quality and cost of procedures all across added to the dental woes of the patient.

OroEdge was born to put an end to the disparity in quality and cost of procedures, emphasize on the benefits of age old adage “Prevention is better than cure” and make quality dental treatment easily available, affordable and accessible.

What do you feel will be the chief factor in your venture’s success?

With the need for dental care rising with the awareness in the masses and absence of any such plan which takes Free care on all the three fronts of any healthcare regimen i.e. , Diagnostic Preventive and Curative care this product in the time to come will become the backbone for many in the masses who are deprived of quality dental care. Moreover it is designed to be a product for the masses and not only for distinguished few.

We will monetize through the sale of our product Dental Health Plan and subsequently from our own Dental Centers and we already run two Dental Centres on same pattern.

Do you have any plans on expanding your venture?

Definitely yes. We wish to make it a product for the masses and plan to expand in all the cities in India and ensure that quality care is made Available, Accessible and Affordable for all. With the support of our Dental Community we will realize our goal of “Healthy Smiles for All”.

What kind of Partners would be (mutually) beneficial to your cause?

We are looking for partnerships at various levels to promote the cause of Oral care and take forward the business model as well:

  1. Associating with Companies dealing in the Oral Care products to create more awareness in the masses thereby improving the level of awareness and creating the need for the products.
  2. Associating with Insurance sector that can market our product along with various healthcare policies and give the end user entire spectrum of protection
  3. Associate with Corporate houses, Schools and other such organizations to extend dental benefits as a value addition.
  4. Associate with Banks to provide a Dental Care incentive to their customers.
  5. Associate with channel partners (Health Insurance Brokers) and insurance agents who can sell our product with Health Policy

In the process we have made an exclusive tie up with Bajaj Allainz General Insurance company to provide Dental Care service to their health card holders.

What barriers did you have to break in order to function successfully?

  • Absence of standardization in the quality and procedural costs in Dental Care
  • No relief under Section 80-C of the Income Tax Act for Dental Care
  • Absence of Dental Insurance and competition in the market.
  • Lack of Dental awareness in the masses.
  • Indifferent attitude of service providers about the concept and chances of its success.

We believe that once the product is out in the market which will cater to the needs of the masses all these roadblocks will get cleared in the due course of time. Need has to be created initially which itself leads to demand and subsequently gives solutions to the problems at hand. We are confident that since we have addressed few roadblocks in the course of evolution of our product rest will follow suit.

What kind of promotion is OroEdge utilizing to popularize it?

We plan to promote our brand OroEdge Dental Centers across the nation where diagnostic and preventive care will be rendered free of cost and treatments will be rendered at subsidized cost with no compromise on quality of services.

What mantra or saying defines your entrepreneurial journey?

“Healthy Smiles for Healthy Life” and “Changing World One Smile at a Time”

Yourstory hopes that Dr. Dheeraj’s and Dr Gaurav dreams and aspirations are fulfilled very soon. We hope OroEdge succeeds in what they have set out to achieve.