DeskAway is Now Part of the Google Apps Marketplace™

Wednesday August 11, 2010,

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DeskAway is very excited to announce the integration of DeskAway into the Google Apps Marketplace™, Google’s online storefront for Google Apps™ products and services. DeskAway will join a diverse group of applications/tools and will now be available for direct signup by all Google Apps™ users and customers. Read the official Google announcement here.

We think that cloud computing and web-based applications are the future of enterprise software and integrating with Google Apps is an excellent move forward.

The Google Apps Marketplace makes it easy for more than 2 million Google Apps customers to discover, purchase and deploy integrated business applications and related professional services. By integrating with user account and application data stored in Google Apps, these cloud applications provide a simpler user experience, increase business efficiency, and reduce administrative overhead. To learn more, visit

Here is what we really love about the Marketplace:

1. Existing Google Apps users can easily setup and integrate 3rd party applications

2. As a vendor, it was easy for us to complete the integration as the resources and online help provider by Google was more than excellent.

3. We are current users and fans of Google Apps

4. We got to interact and work with the amazing team at Google - technical as well as marketing!

The DeskAway and Google App integration is really simple and takes not more than a few minutes. Once integrated, Google Apps users will seamlessly be able to access all their project communication without having to sign into DeskAway through a separate browser every time. Watch videos and learn more on our help page here.

Google is making it easier for small businesses to leverage the best of the web’s applications to power their business with the least amount of IT setup and overheads. We are very excited to be a part of this movement.

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