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Monday October 18, 2010,

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Vision/Guideline for 2011: Enhance the product, build userbase“Social networking-Real Life relations”

Social networking on the internet exists in many forms, from privacy laden sites to friendly gaming sites that encourage you to never play “akele”. Most of us believe that the format has undergone as much evolution as possible and has reached its peak. However it would undoubtedly be a very incomplete genre if young entrepreneur Jeet Singh had not ventured ahead with “”. Fueled by the business idea that social networking should be based on real life relations Tubri has quite a few followers.

Yourstory learnt more from Jeet on Tubri and the kind of social networking that he has created for our perusal and use. Lets decode the startup Tubri story.

What kind of social networking have you created with is a new social network based on real life relations. Its based on the idea that in real-life, not everyone is a friend. Tubri lets users keep friends, family, co-workers separate and socialize with them differently. Tubri is designed keeping in mind user’s privacy first. We believe there are no privacy issues in Tubri as everything works just out of the box... Without the need for user to go through hundreds of privacy options.

In Tubri, users create private groups like: My Family, My College Buddies etc. and keep relevant people in these groups without sending any invites to them. Nobody knows which groups they are in.


Users can also enjoy best of the class videos in a TV style interface, we call: TV Room. With the newly added App Store, it’s now possible to link Picasa/Flickr/Twitter with Tubri.We are focusing on building a social network based on real human life where people can actually socialize with each other without worrying about privacy issues.

Is there a specific age or demographic that your services are meant for?

Tubri social network is free and open for everyone and everywhere. Hundreds of people from around the world have joined Tubri in just 1 month of its launch.

What makes your business idea unique among social networking sites?

Tubri differentiates from other social networks by focusing on human relations and a concept of private groups.

What is your modus operandi for growing the business?

By reaching out to as many people as we can using different marketing channels.

How do you feel about the work you do with social networking?


It’s great to do something which can improve the quality of life for hundreds or thousands of people in their daily routine.Where do you think Indians are struggling in terms of entrepreneurial potential?

Getting acceptance in International markets.

What has been the one entrepreneurial lesson that you found difficult to master?

Managing expenditure in a startup, keeping it as lowest as possible is really challenging. I’m still learning.

Ignoring the burn-rate was the biggest mistake. One should be very careful in managing expenditure and generating sustainable revenues while starting up.

What has been the response from users to

Since Tubri’s launch a 1 month ago, hundreds of people have signed up and have sent thousands of invites further which keeps increasing every week.

How do you intend to keep fresh and relevant in the coming 2 years?

Enhance the product, make socializing easier and safer. Reaching out to as many people as we can.

What do you think makes an entrepreneurial venture like Tubri successful?

Build something which is really helpful for others. Tell it to as many people as you can.

Yourstory wishes Jeet and success and many users. We hope his concept of a social network based on real life relations does well and continues to evolve… Have a firsthand look at his work at

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