offers online dog dating service

Thursday November 18, 2010,

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Dog Spot is an online platform where dog owners can upload a profile of their dogs and search for a suitable partner for their pets. DogSpot also works as a social networking platform where users share, ask and advise as per their real life experiences with dogs.According to entrepreneur Rana Atheya, founder,, the website has already attracted over 12,000 registered users. “Pet owners would know how difficult it is to find a suitable female dog for mating. There are more male dogs than female ones. Hence the importance of this portal,” Atheya has said.

“We have a section called dog gallery, where you can showcase your pet and choose mates for your dogs. While building a dog profile, the user has an option to make the dog available for dating. Other users can browse by breed and select the dogs available,” Rana Atheya has added.

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