Have you heard about the Reinvention Summit: World’s First Virtual Conference on the Future of Storytelling?

Tuesday November 09, 2010,

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It’s a totally bold and audacious attempt to break out of the old silos, explore the expanding role of narrative in the context of personal, business, and social reinvention. It takes place ONLINE, November 11/11 through 11/22. Imagine 30+ hours of content, social networking, and bonus materials – starting at just $11.11. Sessions are recorded for playback so you can chill out and take part in this global happening anytime.Who’s this for? We’re gathering a new tribe of storytellers: Change-makers, marketers, creatives, innovators, bloggers, filmmakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs who all see narrative as fundamental to what they do. We’re all in the midst of such dramatic change in the world, moving from old stories to new stories. As you know, the new story is still a work in progress for many of us, even visionaries amongst us. That’s why we all need to come out of isolation and connect with others about the new tools, vocabulary, and frameworks of storytelling – our most basic human technology for this adaptive age.

This is not your usual cast of characters. Our diverse lineup of world-class speakers include John Gerzema, Tiffany Shlain, John Elkington, Nancy Duarte, Julien Smith, Annette Simmons, Johnny B. Truant, Katya Andresen, and many others who are blazing new narrative paths. Beyond a bunch of speakers, there’s lots of social networking and co-creative ways for people to engage and contribute to this convergence.

This whole thing is being produced by Get Storied, with help from a lot of friends and partners. 30+ hours of inspired content for just $11.11. We would really appreciate if you could spread the word via social media. Twitter is @getstoried and the hashtag is #reinvention. There’s something special we’re trying to create here. But we need your reinvention story and passion in the mix. Visit the website – http://www.reinventionsummit.com

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