Scott Anderson, Managing Editor, William Davidson Institute - University of Michigan talks about Sociopreneurship 2010

Sunday November 14, 2010,

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Scott Anderson is a writer, editor, blogger and social media practitioner with more than 15 years in media.Joining NextBillion is very much a full circle experience for Anderson, who interviewed CK Prahalad soon after the publication of "Fortune At the Bottom of the Pyramid" gained worldwide acclaim while at the Ann Arbor News. BoP issues have remained close to his heart as a journalist and editor, as well as a volunteer for urban farming and local food distribution initiatives.Scott spoke to us about Next Billion and our partnership with Next Billion for Sociopreneurship 2010.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I joined Next Billion five weeks ago following a 15-year career in media as a writer, as well as an editor of blogs and social media operations for various companies. The majority of my background was spent as a business journalist writing about technology and biotechnology companies, covering players as large as Pfizer to small two-person startups, and the challenges many of them faced.

As a journalist, I interviewed C.K. Prahalad upon the introduction of his ground-breaking book “The Fortunate at the Bottom of the Pyramid.” Still very much a concept at the time, the elegance and simplicity of BoP inspired and resonated with me for many years. To be involved in a site that covers this area, not just as a concept, but as an entire evolving business mechanism that is lifting people out of poverty, has been an honor and a privilege.

Tell us more about


Founded in 2005, is a website and blog bringing together the community of business leaders, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, policy makers and academics who want to explore the connection between development and enterprise. It is a discussion forum, networking space and knowledge base for individuals and organizations interested in the "next billion". The site has evolved to become a blog, newsroom, research tool and career center - all dedicated solely to exploring the "next billion" and the base of the pyramid ideas and action.Why does focus on BOP issues and policies?


We believe business models that serve the BoP, both as consumers and producers, are the most self-sustaining enterprises for alleviating poverty. In fact, we chose Next Billion for its dual meaning: on one hand, the phrase represents the next billion people to rise into the middle class from the base of the economic pyramid; on the other, it indicates the next billion(s) in profits for businesses that fill market gaps by integrating the BoP into formal economies.Our goal is to highlight the development and implementation of business strategies that open opportunities and improve the lives of the world's approximately 4 billion low-income producers and consumers.

About Sociopreneurship 2010 and our partnership

At NextBillion we try to shine a spotlight on the latest break-through entrepreneurs, business models and thought leaders in the BoP space. Many of the speakers headlining Sociopreneurship India 2010 have either appeared directly or represent companies and organizations that have been highlighted in the pages of NextBillion in the past. We appreciate the opportunity to not only update our readers on what these innovators are doing today, but exposing our audience to emerging leaders of tomorrow. We’re excited to do that through this media partnership with Sociopreneurship India.

Do you have stories about India on Next Billion?

Yes, we frequently cover India issues. We have several staff writers working in various capacities of economic development in India, physically located in Bangalore, Chennai, and Pilani. We also rely on the enterprising work of guest writers. A strong example is the recent four-part series of reports by researchers from the Rural Market Insight team at the Centre for Development Finance (CDF), who recently spent a month in Rajasthan discovering Base of the Pyramid consumer preferences for treated water. You can find the series here.

The best practices of development through enterprise and the rise of new entrepreneurs in India is and will continue to be an important topic for Next Billion.

Check out Next Billion here and follow Sociopreneurship on our Facebook Fanpage here. Hope to see you at the event on November 23rd......

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