Web 2.0 – The war of social networks?

Thursday November 18, 2010,

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There has been lot of interesting discussion happening at web 2.0 summit, we at yourstory would rather call it The social networks?

On 16th November Mark Zuckerberg was on stage who was joined on stage by John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly. Classic email problem So Zuckerberg was chatting with her girlfriend sister, a high school student. This age group finds email are pretty slow. Slow not as in speed, but its way to formal. Asked about Facebook’s long term vision, Zuckerberg says that Facebook will be an “enabler” for many companies that will disrupt verticals by introducing social functionality over the next five years. 

Tech Talk

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czw-dtTP6oUNow the very next day Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner was quoted saying although Facebook has many takers but the firms were still looking upto Linkedin for formal stuffs. Linked has now 85 million members and adds one member every second. It is also to be noted that linkedin has tieup with twitter but not with facebook and they are not very keen on getting into it at the moment.

Twitter cofounder Evan Williams was also keen on relationship with Facebook but he said “Its complicated right now”. The statement came in response to Facebook decision to block Twitter’s contact integration.

It will be interesting how this thing would fare up? Ever since facebook has entered the email arena with facebook messages there has been a sort of hiatus in web 2.0 world.

Even the behemoths like google have been looking worried. We are keeping an close eye on the developments and you would continue to get the latest.

- Arunabh Mishra has worked as a tech-consultant, a network engineer and a software engineer with Vodafone, Accenture and British Telecom. He also co-founder of a blogertising startup '3ardent'. He has developed a certain niche for wireless and telecom industry. A graduate in electronics and communication he also has a knack with pen & creativity.

One can follow his blogs at www.3ardent.com, arunabhmishra.wordpress.com

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