YourStory in conversation with Entrepreneur Vinay Thakker, founder of Oddinary Marketing India – Nothing Ordinary about it

Monday April 25, 2011,

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Sometimes nothing seems to work, the best business ideas and the best team will fail to meet expectations. At times like this you can rest assured that a marketing blitz is what is needed to generate business. Vinay Thakker understands this like no other entrepreneur in the business chiefly because he is the founder of ‘’Oddinary’’. Oddinary Marketing is a brand experience agency that has a different approach to marketing that will get you noticed.Yourstory learnt from Vinay about what makes “Oddinary” stand out and his entrepreneurial journey in a stirring interview.

How does your company ‘’Oddinary’’ help a brand generate more business?

‘’Oddinary’’ is essentially a brand experience agency that engages customers and communities on behalf of the brand to generate demand in the marketplace. We provide end to end delivery of marketing campaigns with a single minded focus on ‘consumer engagement’ We’re a team of Brand experience experts who specialize in creating experience moments for the consumers that become stories to share. This radical not only helps brands generate business but also add value to the consumer’s life. With this approach we’re already working with FMCG giants like Marico and International Brands like Goethe Institute.

What kind of marketing services do you offer at ‘’Oddinary’’?

‘Oddinary’ has a scope from the online world of social media to the offline world of transit advertising. We offer the entire gamut of marketing services like Mobile Marketing, Brand Activations, Experiential Events, etc apart from the regular agency services like print and outdoor communication.

What sets your marketing methodology apart from others in the business?


We’re a multi agency communication group. We strongly believe that the Indian consumer and India as a market are evolving at a faster pace than the marketing activities. At ‘Oddinary’ through constant local innovation and bringing the best marketing models from international markets we are revitalizing the brand experience space in India.The key differentiator is our “Consumer Engagement driven Experience models”. All our marketing activities are based on consumer engagement and not consumer Interruption models that the majority of the market follows. This ensures marketing activities that consumers enjoy and look forward to!

What do you think is needed in order to scale up?

I believe continuous good work will automatically lead to scaling up. In the initial few years, I plan to keep investing returns back into the business.

Is entrepreneurship a genetic trait or a practical decision for you?

Born into a Kutchi – Gujarati family, Business runs in my blood. I grew up sitting at my family toy shop in Hyderabad. After polishing my marketing skills at Hindustan Unilever I wanted to enjoy the challenge and freedom of running my own show. Waking up every morning to do what I’m passionate about is the best part of being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur and doing business gives me an adrenalin rush that a regular 9-to-5 does not.

What has been the biggest challenge for you as an entrepreneur?

The biggest challenge initially was to quit a comfortable and secure job at Hindustan Unilever. However in the journey the biggest challenge was to get disciplined, because I realized the only thing that can come between me and my dreams was my little undisciplined nature. With every passing day I realized the importance of discipline when one chooses the path of entrepreneurship. This realization made me put a conscious effort to take small baby steps and get disciplined. I’m happy to have come a long way and to have made discipline a way of life as it has made a big difference both professionally and personally.

Initially, I tried venturing into a business where I saw a lot of money but mid way realized it’s important to do what I’m passionate about – money will follow. I’m glad to be doing that today.

What makes entrepreneurship worthwhile for you?

That at the end of it all, whether successful or not – I’ll be a happy man with no regrets.

What advice would you pass on to budding entrepreneurs?

Take the road less travelled, follow your passion and don’t wait for the perfect moment to start.Staying connected and networking always help. Avoid investing in fixed assets as far as possible in the initial stages; one can wait till the business stabilizes. E.g. nothing wrong in working from home initially. Finally, patience.

YourStory wishes Vinay Thakker and Oddinary Marketing India success and fortune with their alternative approach to marketing. We hope to hear more about them in the coming months and wish them well

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