Prachi Garg, GhoomoPhiro: Allowing Corporate Managers Organize Team Events at Minimal Cost

Thursday July 28, 2011,

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What is GhoomoPhiro all about? is an answer to the problems faced by managers of corporate world who want to organize team events at minimal cost. We organize corporate tours based on the customers’ requirements and budget.

How is GhoomoPhiro different from similar players? only caters to corporates.We organize anything from a 2 hour team event in a restaurant to a week long event in Goa. We specialize in organizing corporate outings, lunches and similar offerings. Our offerings include transport, stay, team building activities etc.

How did the idea for GhoomoPhiro come about?

As they always say “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Being into project management, one of my KRA’s was to organize team events for my teams. Believe me, it is a tedious task to zero down on the options, keeping in mind the needs of your team members, and this eats up good amount of your time. I personally am an avid traveler, and keep exploring unknown places. During one of my trips, when I went for rafting, I spoke to one of the localites, and thus the idea of “” was born. Since then, whenever, wherever I go, I contact local folks, who are into travel, and let them know about ghoomophiro.

How much capital was required to implement the idea?

Prachi Garg

It is into initial stage, and I have just invested Rs. 1 lakh to start with, from my savings.Tell us about your background.

I graduated in computer science from Miranda House, University of Delhi. I was associated with Sapient Corporation as Associate, Program Management. I am currently pursuing my MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. I love writing & travelling.

Let us know about the tie-ups that you have.

Yes, we do have contacts with local tour operators, hoteliers, and transport people to arrange for the travel.

What is GhoomoPhiro’s revenue model?

Our revenue model is purely based on arbitrage. It solely depends on the volume.

What are your major challenges?

The major challenge in the hospitality sector is the quality of service, because it is all about your first impression. Inorder to ensure quality, all the places that we recommend through are tested by me personally. Our major thrust is to provide timely & quality service.

How big is the team behind GhoomoPhiro? Are you looking at hiring?

Currently is a one man army, with me running it from my college. Yes, in future, I do plan to hire people for business development, and to sell our offerings to corporates especially in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad.

Let us know about your expansion plans.

The startup has immense potential to scale up. We plan to organize similar outings for school students as well.

Anything else that you want to share with the readers of

On an average, I conduct 3 - 4 trips per month with 20-40 people in each team. Most sought after places by people in NCR so far are JimCorbett, white water rafting, day long trip to Manesar or similar resorts, whereas with Bangalore corporates, Bandipur, Nandi hills, Gokarna etc are popular.

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