India Auto Industry Googled! - Google India releases Auto Industry Report based on the search query trends

Wednesday August 10, 2011,

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Mumbai, 9th August, 2011: Google India released a report on the auto sector in India today, providing deep insights into consumer search trends in the sector. A compilation of consumer search behavior in the auto category (Cars & Bikes) in the last two years (‘09 & ‘10), the “‘Google India Auto Report’, underlines how Indian consumers are increasingly relying on the Internet to make auto purchase decisions.

Key Highlights:

  • Indian consumers are ahead of US and Europe in using the Internet to research for Car & Bikes purchases
  • In terms of search query volumes - Auto vertical has taken off in last two years and is growing faster than key verticals like travel, consumer electronics & finance
  • Vehicle shopping queries account for 49% of all auto related queries on Google
  • Entry & Mid segment cars in the price range of (2 to 6 lakhs) are the most searched
  • Diesel cars are big in demand and registered triple digit growth in 2010, search queries for diesel cars saw 52% growth in April to May 2011 when petrol fuel prices increased by Rs 5/ltr
  • SUVs are the second most searched car category, followed by luxury cars which is the fastest growing car category
  • Search queries for bikes saw over 96% in query volumes in 2010

*See Most Searched car launches and Most Searched Auto Brands for 2010.

Speaking about the trends observed in the report, Rajan Anandan Vice President and MD of Google India, said, The report shows how crucial the Internet has become in influencing purchase decisions of the consumers. In the last two years, we’ve seen great traction amongst the players in the auto vertical as they continue to embrace digital advertising to engage car & bikes shoppers online. We have seen over 150% growth in revenues from the auto sector in 2010 and we expect the share of auto advertising spends on digital to grow significantly in the next few years

The boom in the auto Industry in India was reflected in the search behavior of Indian users on Google. According to the report, the auto vertical witnessed tremendous growth in online searches registering 110% and 84% growth in 2009 and 2010 respectively on Google Search. The trend continues to show fast paced growth this year with the auto category showing a growth of 72% in the first six months of 2011 over same period last year. The auto vertical is now also the fastest-growing vertical compared to other key verticals like consumer electronics, finance and travel.

The online search behavior of consumers mirrors the offline world, as query volumes on Google search see a 38% increase over first half of the year as Indian consumers tend to make auto purchases during the festive season (2009 to 2010). Indians are also more research oriented when it comes to auto related purchases, with 65% Indians using the Internet as the first place to do their research before deciding on the vehicle of their choice. This is ahead of consumers in mature markets like US and Europe where only 62% of users use Internet as their first stop.


In cars, entry and mid segment cars in the price range of (2 lakhs upto 6 lakhs), the highest selling car category by volumes in India, was also the most-searched category registering over 50% year on year growth in query volumes. In terms of type of queries, vehicle-shopping queries accounted for over 49% of all cars related queries. Interestingly, in-spite of the choices available in fuel efficient small cars category, Diesel cars queries saw a huge jump in query volumes registering 114% growth in 2010. Rising petrol prices weighed on car buyers mind as diesel car queries saw a jump of 52% in the period of April 2011 to May 2011 when petrol prices increased by 5 Rs/litre.

The search queries also reflected a strong trend of India’s growing appetite for bigger and luxury cars with SUVs emerging as the second most searched cars category registering over 61% growth yoy, followed by Luxury cars in the price range of (15 lakhs to 30 lakhs) which emerged as the fastest growing car category showing a growth of 141% from June 2010 to May 2011 over the same period in ‘09 to ‘10.

In the period of 2010 till May 2011 India saw over 25 new cars or variant launches. Amongst all the new car launches the following top 10 cars were the most searched car launches:

Most Searched Car Launches/Variants: From Jan 2010 to May 2011

  1. Maruti Alto K10
  2. Ford Figo
  3. Hyundai i10 - next gen
  4. Maruti Kizashi
  5. Chevrolet Beat
  6. Nissan Micra
  7. New Hyundai Verna -Fluidic
  8. VW Polo
  9. Toyota Etios
  10. Maruti SX4 Diesel

Note: Data compiled on basis of search query volumes for car models 5 weeks prior and 5 weeks after the launch

The list again reflects price sensitive nature of the Indian market with newer brands and launches capturing user’s attention.

Most Searched Auto Brands: Jan 2010 to May 2011

Most Searched Car OEM’s Brands

Most Searched Bike Brands

  1. Maruti
  2. Honda
  3. Hyundai
  4. General Motors
  5. Tata Motors
  6. Toyota
  7. Ford
  8. VW
  9. Fiat
  1. Hero Honda
  2. Bajaj
  3. Yamaha
  4. TVS

Amongst other notable trends, Car finance queries also saw steep increase of over 51% percent in 2010. Indians used Google to find out more details about car models, to visit auto websites, do price comparison, used car research and new launch research. Auto parts queries formed 26% of all car queries again highlighting the use of Internet to find more details about auto parts, dealer and service center network.

Bikes with Gears: Motor Cycles

Searches for bikes makes and models also show robust growth ahead of cars, with bike related queries growing 96% in 2010. Premium level bikes/motorcycles i.e. bikes in 150 cc plus segment saw maximum query volumes and registered 90% yoy growth (from Jan 2010 to May 2011 compared to same time last last year). Deluxe i.e bikes in 125cc to 150cc are the fastest growing category registering 193% growth in query volumes. Entry-level bike category also showed a strong growth trend growing at 90% yoy.

The report also looked into the search habit of mobile Internet users for the auto vertical. With an estimated base of over 40 million mobile Internet users, mobile searches for auto related queries also reflected a strong growth momentum - growing at over 300% in 2010. The trend of using smartphones for doing product related searches is also showing a significant growth.

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