Sky-High Bulb Changer: Meet Kevin Schmidt at 1,500 Feet

Kevin Schmidt changes bulbs on 1,500-foot towers, facing risks for $20,000 per climb, capturing netizens’ attention and admiration

Sky-High Bulb Changer: Meet Kevin Schmidt at 1,500 Feet

Tuesday October 03, 2023,

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At an astonishing height of 1,500 feet, Kevin Schmidt carries out a job that is far from ordinary. As a part of his routine responsibilities at Sioux Falls Tower and Communications, Schmidt climbs communication towers, a daunting task that many wouldn’t dare to take on.

This breathtaking aspect of his job was brought to light through a viral video showing Schmidt at work, meticulously replacing a bulb atop a massive television broadcast antenna. In a scenario where most would tremble, Schmidt appears calm and collected, showcasing his eight years of experience in the field.

When asked about the unexpected virality of the footage in a 2015 interview, Schmidt expressed surprise, stating, “I didn’t expect it would get this big.” The remarkable drone video, captured by one of Schmidt’s coworkers at Sioux Falls Tower, provides a glimpse into the extraordinary nature of his day-to-day work life.

However, bulb replacement is just the tip of the iceberg for Schmidt. Every six months, he embarks on the ascent to not only change bulbs but also to conduct regular maintenance tasks and install towers when needed. These high-altitude bulbs play a critical role in air traffic safety, alerting approaching airplanes to the presence of the towers, thus preventing potential accidents.

In one day, the fearless worker might be responsible for up to eight towers. With commitment and bravery radiating through his actions, Schmidt even finds time to take casual selfies atop the towering structures, highlighting his comfort and confidence at such dizzying heights.

Despite receiving a sizable payment of $20,000 per climb, some viewers believe Schmidt is undercompensated considering the risk and effort involved in his high-stakes occupation. One user pointedly commented, “Based on this footage, I’d say he’s grossly underpaid.” Others humorously imagined potential challenges, with one quipping, “Imagine dropping the bulb when you’re at the top.”

Schmidt’s unusual and risky job has garnered widespread admiration, with many deeming his daring feats nothing short of superheroic. Whether it’s meticulously changing bulbs or handling multiple towers in a single day, Schmidt approaches each task with a level of dedication and courage that is both awe-inspiring and commendable. As he continues to navigate the perilous heights, the world watches, captivated by his sky-high endeavors.

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