VeggiBazaar: Fresh Vegetables at your Doorstep at Discounted Rates

Friday August 12, 2011,

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4000 regular customers and counting

The online vegetable market is growing and is quickly becoming the way to shop for vegetables within the urban household. Online shopping for vegetables reduces a lot of hassle from the modern hectic lifestyles of people and another positive aspect is that with increasing competition, the quality of vegetables isn’t circumspect anymore. VeggiBazaar, based out of Chennai, is one such online venture started in July 2009. It has a customer base of around 9000, with 4000 customers ordering regularly. Jubin Mehta from caught up with entrepreneur RK Venkatesan to know more about this venture. Edited excerpts:

How do you procure the vegetables?

As far as the vegetables procurement is concerned, we place the order at 11 pm, just before midnight. We procure from farms and the local market. Stringent quality assurance procedures are followed in procurement to ensure quality and freshness.

You offer massive discounts to the customers. Tell us about your customer base.

The idea of giving discounts is to acquire customers and build a strong customer base. Currently we have close to 4000 customers who order regularly and we hope to build upon this base by attracting more customers.

What payment options do the customers have?

Customers have options of paying through credit cards, debit cards, net banking and cash on delivery.

How do you ensure quality?

We are very proactive about sticking to the quality standards. For example, we only use imported machines for cutting. The most important factor with imported machines is that they are rust free. Hygiene is not compromised because of use of these machines and saving time is the obvious advantage.

What are the various modes of ordering for customers?

Normal ordering

Seven day ordering

Special packs for kids, pregnant ladies, etc

Cut vegetables

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