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Friday November 18, 2011,

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Maniraj Singh, Jatin Modi

Modern Healthcare is flawed in its principle, as it acts only on detection of disease and then seeks to isolate and cure it. But, we all know prevention is better than cure. There is little importance given to identify the origin of disease, which can be substantially avoided through better exercise and diet based approaches. Unfortunately with our busy lifestyles, doing so has become increasingly difficult. seeks to fill this gap by providing access to nutritional and dietary supplements to consumers through online shopping and to change their mindset on health got in touch with Madeinhealth team to understand more about their venture.

Briefly tell us what is Madeinhealth all about?

Madeinhealth is currently India's only health portal where one can get the world's best health supplements along with the most scientific and correct information on health, diet and fitness. Conceptually: Right Information + Right Nutrition = Superior Health. Hence our facebook page is India's largest community on health and affiliated topics with over 1,00,000 passionate people involved.

How has the traction been since the site launch?

We chose sports nutrition to begin our crusade towards better health for the country and within six months of operations - we are generating daily revenues of Rs. 50,000-75,000

Are you focusing on any particular cities to start with?

No, in fact, that's the whole point of being an ecommerce setup, we ship out our products all across the nation. We've seen orders pouring in from Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities.

Have you raised capital or is it bootstrapped currently? any plans of raising funds?

We’re completely self funded as of now. We have received a few VC offers, but it’s a little premature to discuss that.

How are you marketing the venture currently?

We've harnessed the power of online marketing and social media in unthinkable ways. Our facebook page is an active forum for all the users to discuss and get advice on nutrition, fitness and health. It is perhaps, one of the most active pages on Facebook in India today.

How do you plan to sustain your competitive advantage? 

We were the first ones to exclusively focus on sports nutrition in the online space, and the way we've positioned ourselves is going to be hard for anyone to keep up. Madeinhealth is now a brand in itself, and our motive is trailblazing our path through. We've seen several people copying us blatantly, something we're happy of and would continue to love.

What can we expect from MadeinHealth in the coming months?

Our vision is to become the one-stop shop for everything that's health, well-being and nutrition, in a way that we truly create the difference we've set out to create. We’ll be entering into Organic Food, Baby Food, Healthcare products in the coming months and our users can continue to look forward to superior products and quite simply the most scientific blog in India and can look forward to improving their lifestyles altogether.

Tell us about the team behind Madeinhealth and are you hiring?

Our Technical Director, Mr Maniraj Singh is a B.Tech from IIT-Delhi and M.S from MIT. In all practical aspects, he is one of the best technical brains today. He has led the development of our portal, ensuring better user interface and a superior shopping experience.

Our Executive Director, Jatin Modi, is running his 3rd startup and ensures development of business along with vision setting, brand positioning and execution operational setup. He's also been giving guest lectures on Entrepreneurship in colleges across the country since he was at a grand old age of 20.

Their extreme passion about health and a scientific and holistic approach to it being the solution to the looming healthcare crisis in India prompted this venture in the first place. We're located in Delhi and are a team of 9. We're looking to hire across all positions especially Business Development, PR, Online Marketing and Software Development.

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- Team YS 

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