iAccelerator launches 11 Startups into the world

By Riddhi
  • CIIE, IIM A run iAccelerator in Ahmedabad presented 11 internet and mobile domain startups on its Demo Day on 28th January, 2011. The select 11 startups that were unveiled on Demo Day were- (in alphabetical order):AlmaConnect
  • Colored.by
  • Croak.it
  • Framebench
  • Ideophone
  • Innovese
  • Makehappy.in
  • mangoReader
  • Mobiotics
  • Votodo
  • Zuuvu

The iAccelerator program is specifically targeted towards entrepreneurs in the internet and mobile domain, to equip the startups to establish well run, technically excellent and profitable companies. This was the 3rd batch of iAccelerator programme consisting of 11 startups that stayed on the campus and worked together in a constructive environment from 1st November 2011. The startups where provided with working space, IT Infrastructure, seed capital, mentoring from a team of industry experts, inorder to showcase their final prototype in front of the world on the DemoDay.

The programme was ably supported by Tata Communications. Speaking on the Demo Day, Harjit Singh VP , Tata Communications said, “Innovation is imperative to economic regeneration which is the need of the hour today. Tata Communications partnership with iAccelerator is an initiative that reflects our emphasis on innovations and entrepreneurship”.

The Demo Day also saw some of the leading VC’s and angel investors supporting the startups and giving critical inputs on their products/services, business plan, etc.

We've been in touch with the iAccelerator organizers and have showcased most the stories of these glittering ventures, the links to which have been provided above. And we'll be closely tracking these ventures in the future so you can certainly hope for more.



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