Artoo Droid Hunt 2012: Recruitment 2.0

Artoo Droid Hunt 2012: Recruitment 2.0

Thursday March 01, 2012,

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Hiring the right person is a major challenge that nearly every startup faces, and even more so if the startup wants like-minded people to join their team.Bangalore based startup, Artoo, is addressing this challenge by organizing an event that they call the ‘Artoo Droid Hunt’ on the 10th and 11th of this March. The aim of the event is to identify entrepreneurial and tech-savvy youngsters who would eventually like to work for Artoo.

The two day Artoo Droid Hunt is specifically targeted towards final year engineering students and recent graduates.

On Saturday the 10th of March, participants will be able to join Artoo’s quarterly ‘DDay’ (Demo Day). By joining they will be allowed to watch Artoo’s developers release their alpha features, hear them talk about their work process, and see a special showcase of their personal pet projects.

If participants enjoy their experience on the first day, they can then visit Artoo on the next day in the hope of walking away with a job offer! They will engage in a fun-filled interview process, which will be followed by a working lunch.

During the interview process, participants will showcase their pet projects and demos, solve a problem set, and take part in a coding challenge to test their speed and accuracy.

Artoo is a software solutions company that believes they can catalyze development through inclusive technology and empowering communication. They hope to bring the digital revolution to those at the bottom of the pyramid. Will you be the next person to join the Artoo team?

Find out more about the event by visiting the following link: Artoo Droid Hunt 2012

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