Email Marketing Service Constant Contact Enters the Daily DealsSegment with SaveLocal

Thursday March 01, 2012,

2 min Read

Email marketing service provider Constant Contact has entered the competitive world of daily deals with SaveLocal. With SaveLocal, the business owner gets full control of the deal: the discount amount, the terms of the deal, timing, and how many coupons to sell. Deals can be created and published and can be sent free of cost the merchant's email list and social networks. In contrast to other deal vendors who typically take 50% of each coupon sold, with Constant Contact's pricing model, merchants pay $1, $2 or $3 per coupon purchased, depending on the value of the deal.SaveLocal will be rolled out in the US starting February 28, 2012. The product will be rolled out to those outside the US later this year. As part of its preparation to enter the deals space, Constant Contact recently acquired MobManager, a Chicago-based company which focused on making deals work for merchants. The MobManager team joins Constant Contact as part of the SaveLocal team.

SaveLocal will enable small businesses like restaurant owners to set up and run their own deals program without losing a chunk of the transactions to daily deal services. But daily deal services will have a upper hand when it comes to reach. This tool will enable small business owners to reward and retain their existing network of clients.

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