University Courses on Social Enterprise Need to Improve says SocialEntrepreneur Survey

Thursday March 01, 2012,

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Universities came under the spotlight in i-genius' exclusive survey of social entrepreneurs across Asia with only 19% of respondents saying University courses on social enterprise were of high quality (42% said they were poor with the remainder unsure).The results of the survey form the backdrop to the i-genius Asia Summit in Bangkok, 1st - 2nd March, which sees social entrepreneurs meeting government officials, business leaders, NGO and academics. The two-day gathering aims to explore how to improve the practical and policy framework for social entrepreneurship throughout the region.

Key findings of the survey:

- 70% said Universities were slow to provide courses on social entrepreneurship or social businesses

- Less than one-in-ten people (9%) felt Universities were offering sufficient number of courses

- Courses which do exist tended to be too academic

- Two thirds of social businesses expect to increase the number of employees in the next 12 months

- 59% expect to seek investment finance over the next two years

- Sourcing finance and marketing skills featured highest in skills social entrepreneurs most needed

- Whilst more felt governments were supportive than those who did not, 52% felt their government did not grasp the significant benefits social entrepreneurship can bring to sustainable growth, job creation and community cohesion.

Full results of the survey will be unveiled at the i-genius Asia Summit ( The event is sponsored by the British Council.

i-genius founder, Tommy Hutchinson said, "A new generation of social entrepreneurs has emerged and Universities have been slow to respond to their needs. Many feel University courses do not provide them with the practical skills they need to grow their business."

i-genius' own training arm, i-genius Academy, is launching a new service at the Summit to assist Universities in developing relevant high quality courses. Participants at the Summit include Thailand's Dr. Kriengsak and Singaporean MP, Penny Low. Attendees will include social entrepreneurs from across Asia including Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Korea, Lao, Nepal and Singapore.

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