Apps in English for Vernacular students: Do it the MobiVidya Way!

Apps in English for Vernacular students: Do it the MobiVidya Way!

Friday June 08, 2012,

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When we think about education particular to India,  we should ponder upon new ways that can enable the dissemination of information in a quick and effective manner. Mobile Applications have come about in a large way in order to assist the process. Edu-Mobile Apps like WordsVidya and VerbsVidya help Indian students, those from vernacular backgrounds like Gujarati, in learning English in a quick and smart manner. At the end of the interview we reveal a new pricing strategy implemented successfully by MobiVidya and targeted for a particular medium.

MobiVidya, a portal of AIG Tech Pvt Ltd started by Himanshu Gupta, is an Ahmedabad, Gujarat based startup that makes educational Apps for students. There are two developers who handle the product and Himanshu leads the team. Their recently launched products include:

WordsVidya - Mobile words book to make process of learning vocabulary much more fun and entertaining.

VerbsVidya - Mobile verbs book to make process of learning verbs much more fun and entertaining.

App screenshots:

Currently, Mobividya is specifically targeting Gujarati communities by providing English-Gujarati mobile books, fun games & two way dictionaries; all tailor made to suit the large pool of Gujarati students. Both their both products have been highly appreciated by institutions, teachers & students communities in Gujarat.

When asked about the pricing strategy, Himanshu says, “We are not on any app store and our target segment is not comfortable using credit cards to buy online so we have decided go the offline way. Offline selling is expensive than online, as it involves logistics, employees, branding, etc. We had to compare with app store prices, books prices & other offline sells medium before considering a price point. We made few tricky equations based on little assumption & bit offline market research and we priced it at 199 INR. After deciding the price, it’s all about the number game. Our 95% revenues comes through offline medium”.

MobiVidya is working with 12 Institutions to promote their cause in regions that need it the most. A high level of penetration in vernacular mediums can help churn out amazing results in terms of students getting a better education through their own language.

Check out MobiVidya’s Apps here.

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