Get a Makeover for Your Car with CarStudio!

Get a Makeover for Your Car with CarStudio!

Tuesday June 19, 2012,

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The inspiration for a startup-idea can come from anywhere. And we're not exaggerating when we say that. Ask Sudhir Sukrutharaj, Founder,, and he candidly shares his personal story. “My drive to start came out of one of my visits to CarToys, Seattle, WA, in 2009. When I visited their retail store, their staff went out of their way to help me find the best car music system which was very rare in India and when I came back to India, I did some research and found that India had over 70 million cars," he says.

Every year, over 2.5 million cars are sold in India and the market is growing. The main reason why finding the right accessories to suit your need and taste is that the car-accessories market in India is unorganized. Apart from that, there is nothing to alleviate our doubts about the genuiness of the products available at the local stores and the varying prices of the products. Eighty percent of the total car accessories market is dominated by unorganized players in India. With ‘ecommerce waves’ spreading all over India and an estimated 50-60 million active online shoppers, taking this market online seems to be an obvious thought.

Sudhir, an ex-Amazonite, founded CarStudio in 2011 along with Venu G. Somineni, Founder & CEO of MyDeals247. Venu currently lives in San Francisco, California. They worked a lot with the back-end development and built a product catalog with over 20,000 products. This catalog includes Car Care products, GPS Navigators, Security features like the central locking system and children's seat belts, accessories for travel camping and other usual In-Car entertainment products like music systems and Car TV.
At the back-end, CarStudio manages an inventory of the goods and has also partnered with vendors to accommodate their robust needs. They are designing their revenue stream upon volume sales and hence are able to offer considerable discounts to attract a large number of customers. They have also tied-up with some of the best car repair/services companies in Bangalore and are currently in talks with some of the big companies to become their installation partners across major cities in India.

“It's been an amazing journey so far. We are proud to announce that CarStudio is the first Internet firm to get into the Car Accessories industry. We're able to attract a lot of car owners within no time. Simply because, we deliver only branded and quality products, our delivery is very fast,” says Sudhir.

Rejig your car at CarStudio, here.

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