Drag n’ Drop: Create an App!

Drag n’ Drop: Create an App!

Saturday June 09, 2012,

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Do you wish to create an iOS, Android or Windows Phone App, that too, in just four steps? And do you want to keep it cheap? Hosted in a private cloud, MOWARES is a mobile application development Platform-as-a-Service that has a drag and drop user interface for creating customized Apps on Open Source Platforms.

When asked about his love for Apps, Arjun replied, “Bought my first iPhone 3G as soon as it launched, fell in love with Apple and wanted to establish my own quantum of Appledom but had to learn the platform from scratch. I was fairly good at Java so caught on early on the Android platform, but had a hard time unlearning a few things to get a grip on iOS. I thought that this would be a worthwhile endeavor to allow people to create their avenues in mobile space while giving them a backend luxury like the one Wordpress offers”.

MOWARES uses HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with a lot of automated workflows working in a Private Cloud, to give the user a realtime mobile updatable backend and deployment engine. All this tech-magic comes from the years spent at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia where Arjun did his Master of Science in IT, the same time during which he worked at Westnet Australia as a Technical Consultant. In May 2010, he started a company Juna Web Verse Private Limited, a services company that took up retailers and publishers as clients for various mobile and social app development requirements. This kept him afloat while he researched & developed MOWARES.

This self-confessed “hopeless tech addict” has a business side too. He managed to successfully launch an App, EduFester, an educational events discovery-collaboration engine with a website and complimentary iOS and Android apps and also got 3 clients whose apps are currently awaiting Apple review. They are still at the soft launch phase and hope to do a grand launch at TechSparks, Chennai.

Excited? Here’s how to use MOWARES for launching your brand new mobile app:

Step 1:

Step2: App Dashboard

Step 3: Design

Step 4:

All this at a cost of Rs.3500 per month. This solution can be applied for publishers, retailers, sports clubs, organizations etc.

Realtime simulation of changes to app inside the dashboard is something coming out of our stables soon. Publishing to Windows Phone is coming up next. They are also working to bring in Augmented Reality features for all their customers while keeping price, the same. “Imagine when you can take out your phone see an augmented reality screen showing you where the nearest coffee pub or restaurant is and what's special there today!”, says Arjun.

MOWARES is an entity founded solely by Arjun; he is actively looking for a Co-Founder who has a ninja level marketing and strategy skills.

Give Edufester a test here: iOS & Android.

-With inputs from Shradha Sharma and Aditya Kulkarni.

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