The Forum: A Grand Symphony of Thoughts

The Forum: A Grand Symphony of Thoughts

Monday June 04, 2012,

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Technological advancements have brought the world closer. We have found new ways to share and communicate,and with this, new ideas have emerged; ideas which would have seemed a long way off without some backbone like today’s social web powering them.

The internet, a vast and magical place where entrepreneurs have created a space for themselves, is growing, not linearly, but in orders that we cannot comprehend; and it would just be stupid if we, students or not, didn't make the most of it.

Here, at StudentStory, that potential communication realm is being tapped in creation of a forum for activities and talks that may as well skyrocket you to become the next Kevin Systrom or Jack Dorsey or probably even the next Zuckerberg.

Ideas will be noticed and similar minds can collaborate; questions will be addressed and experiences shared; motivation will be channeled and your story fostered. The possibilities are limitless. It is indeed a magical gateway for you to talk to the world, to learn from entrepreneurs who have been there and done that, to gather like-minded individuals into your own start-up story, and we can just go on and on.

Come, huddle with us at our StudentStory forum, one of the only forums in India with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Join us at the forum here by registering with us.

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