Getting Married? Get a Dedicated Website with Weddings9!


A bunch of nerdy web developers and social marketers got annoyed when they saw the herd mentality that had crept in with hordes of startups in India starting to clone an Amazon or a Groupon or a Zappos. What did they do? They picked up one area which has never been or would never be hit by a recession in India- Weddings. Manmeet Singh and the team at Weddings9 started of last July and have managed to maintain a sustainable business by bootstrapping.

Based out of Gurgaon, the 6 member team put in efforts in terms of design and technology which have started to bear fruits now. Weddings9 provides services from designing invitations and getting them delivered to your doorstep to setting up a website specifically for your wedding to sending out email invitations. A very neat look to the website, one can certainly get lured into marrying for themes like these:


A firm believer in the Chris's Andersons 90:10 rule which applies to the internet, Manmeet and team figured if they could have some sort of an useful application, they could get a lot of attention for free. [every 1 customer in 10 making a website, ends up buying Wedding Invitations on their website which is the core business]

Manmeet believes that almost all the Wedding Websites on the internet offer a 90's style product and are paid. "We developed our on Web Application for Wedding Websites which offers 4 times as many features for free. Our Wedding Website integrates with Facebook (Couples can invite guests to their wedding) so we get a whole lot of free Social Media Marketing. On top we offer Wedding Invitations which you can send through email for free and also to Facebook as a Facebook App," he explains.

Customer Base

As one would expect, a lot of NRIs indulge in Wedding9's services. They have delivered orders to all major western countries- US, UK, Canada, Australia as well as Singapore. Surprisingly, they've had customers from different ethnicity including Japanese and Thai. Serving 60-100 customers a month, the average ticket size for a paying customer is $800. 20-30 sites are made each day.

Banking on the teams strong background in design and technology, Weddings9 are confident about blowing some trumpets at weddings. Go to Wedding9! Also, check out this fantastic infographic as to why Weddings will never be out of fashion in India.