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Collaboration is the buzz word and exciting news things are happening in a variety of fields to leverage the 'collective power'. Uknowva (username and password below to try it out) is an Enterprise Collaboration Software that offers a platform for employees in the organization to communicate with each other, share knowledge, store files and documents, offer opinions and feedbacks, create profile, upload photos, videos, and more. Explaining with further precision, founder Vicky Jain says, "It is a secure, private, network for the organization which allows employees to collaborate, communicate and innovate. Uknowva helps create an energized work-ecosystem that brings out the creative potential of employees and make them highly productive."

What prompted this idea?

Being in an IT company has its own challenges and some of them really inspired us to develop Uknowva. While doing our everyday business activities we came across lot of issues that could have been solved if we had proper software tools with us. Also while serving our usual customers we came to know even they were facing similar kind of problems. Some of the challenges were regarding Communication among employees, their Participation in the company’s events, HR and Knowledge management, Document repository, Customer support, Workspace culture, Effective feedback system etc. We wanted to build a product that will not only solve the problems of our 450+ clients but it will be used by businesses all over the world. This helped us to conceptualize Uknowva.

Use Cases:

  1. A possible incidence is when a developer leaves the company in a middle of an important project, taking with him all the knowledge and experience he gained at the company. A mechanism which would capture the knowledge and retain them for everyone to use and share is necessary.
  2. Employees working in an organization need a common platform to communicate well with each other via chat, status-update, messaging so that they can exchange important information right away.
  3. One of the most important reasons to develop this product was to make a central repository system for all the documents and files. Normally important files or documents are locked in a person desktops or workstations and it cannot be accessed by others in time of need and hence a need for files and document storage feature.

The Team at UKnowva


Vicky Jain, the founder is an engineer from Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College and an MBA from IBS. The other team members include Abhay Talekar and Priyanka Bhor both are co-founders of Convergence IT Services, who have played an active role in the development of Uknowva. Albert Nadar, Disha Ghatalia and Deepesh Chang have also contributed strongly towards UKnowva. Overall, they have 15 team members who are a part of Convergence family that has developed UKnowva.

The Competition: Kinetic GluePeopleDock and more who're entering this lucrative field.

"I believe competition will be there in every field and there will be a minor overlap in features but it's all about doing it better I believe" mentions Vicky. "Uknowva is targeted towards enterprise customers with the options of adding custom made applications, this way it will help them integrate all their important application on a single platform and get more benefit from the product. Uknowva is a cloud based product that comes in three different editions making it much easier for companies to choose from as per the requirements. In addition to that Uknowva is built on robust technology, offers superior security features and quick after sales service." he adds.

Revenue Model

Uknowva is cloud based enterprise collaboration software it comes in both free as well as paid editions. The below revenue model help us to monetize Uknowva:

  1. Sales of different editions like Standard, Business and Enterprise through subscription or one-time based pricing
  2. A Freemium model where users are charged for extra disk space and added features or applications
  3. Generating revenue through advertisement in the free editions.

Features UKnowva Takes Pride In

The Document feature: It allows one to store all files and data at a single location so that it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It gives one the flexibility to upload file size of 200 to 300 MB irrespective of the server side restriction and one can also increase the upload limit to say 500 MB. One can even share the file directly with team members by mailing them the Direct Download Link. It has been made secure by adding folder access control that gives control like who can view the files, upload files, edit files or delete files and folders.

Knowledge Management: It helps one to share and gain plenty information regarding various subject making the employees more informed and updated.


Website Link:

Demo Product Link: (Username: demo Password: demo)

Quirk Bite:

It was really a great experience while working on Uknowva. We learnt a lot, we made mistakes we fixed it and moved ahead. We learnt the essence of team work through this project. There is a one particular incidence which I want to share with you. During the development of Uknowva, I accidently deleted its entire database, we had almost completed 70-75% of the work we were just couple of weeks away from the launch. To our horror we discovered that we don’t even have its back-up but luck was on our side. Somehow we recovered the database and continued with our work and completed Uknowva on-time.


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