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Tuesday August 28, 2012,

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Mc Kinsey report suggests that consumers worldwide typically spend an average of 5-6 percent of total income on apparel, but the figure is significantly higher in emerging markets. Reports say that over the next 20 years Indians living in cities to grow by 300 million. Urban dwelling will give rise to aspirations and need for new fashions and styles to meet their lifestyle. Indian consumers will spend more of what they earn on what they wear due to increase in disposable income.

“In these favourable conditions, the fashion conscious Indian women consider clothes as a self-expression; and further urbanization of Indian cities will fuel growth for our business. The past few years we have seen huge transformation in the Indian women’s apparel segment. More than ever, Indian consumers are experimenting with combining styles, as seen in the recent ‘Indo-fusion’ boom, which mixes the silhouettes of the East with the comfort cut of the West,” says Suman Bharti, CEO & Founder, is an online store for high-end and authentic steel-boned corsets. CorsetDeal has a wide range of corsets starting from fashion corsets to tight lacing corsets to authentic Victorian and Edwardian era corsets, prom corsets, bridal corsets, waist training corsets, Burlesque and much more; competitively priced along with highest standards of quality.

A fashion designer with over 11 years of global experience in the alternate fashion and corsetry industry in USA, UK and Germany, Suman decided to do something on his own and thus CorsetDeal began its operations two years ago. With a team of around 270-280 people, their design department is based in Gurgaon, comprising of experienced corset designer and fashion industry experts. “Indian consumer is yet to experiment with corsets. Plus there is a perception in India that corsets are lingerie, which is not true. Corsets can make for funky wear at parties, clubs and lounges and even weddings and sangeet,” explains Suman.

Dedicated to the urban woman, this brand targets the women of today, who want to look good, experiment and embrace

the idea of fashion as a means of self-expression, and not merely as a functional purchase. With customization as their USP, CorsetDeal lets their customers pick and choose a design, colour, fit, type of corset and pattern. They customize it to the kind of look that their customers want and deliver it to them. Aiming for 30% growing this year, currently, CorsetDeal exports to corsets to Australia, US & Europe. Their products are marketed exclusively online and through strategic and planned digital marketing model.With massive expansion plans in their pipeline, CorsetDeal plans to open stores in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon. Interestingly, these stores are not going to be used just for sale. The company intends to couple their current online model with the offline model to create a new concept in the apparel segment.

CorsetDeal is looking at new hybrid model involving offline and online sales. Would more innovations be needed in the space of fashion and online fashion companies to differentiate themselves from the constantly increasing competition in this space?

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