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14 of the 30 TechSparks received funding the past year; How will TechSparks 2012 Startups fare?

14 of the 30 TechSparks received funding the past year; How will TechSparks 2012 Startups fare?

Tuesday September 04, 2012 , 4 min Read

Techsparks is India's premier platform that recognises tech product startups from across the country. In its 3rd edition now, Techsparks is a premier destination for substantive networking, with CXO-level technology corporates, leading investors (VCs & angels), national media and delegates from across the globe. Techsparks unveils the Tech30 report which showcases the top 30 tech product startups out of which 15 demo on the day.From the Tech30 Report of 2011, 14 companies have received funding, 1 got acquired and 1 went ahead to acquire a global company. We're just 4 days away from Techsparks 2012 (block your seat if you haven't yet!)  and the anticipation is on a high! Here is a brief of all the funded companies:

1) Capillary Technologies: It provides customer engagement solutions to retailers and consumer-facing businesses with a focus on high quality data capture, actionable analytics, instant cross-sell solutions to generate a far higher ROI on customer engagement for retailers, all delivered through its patent pending cloud and mobile platform, !nTouch.

2) Cropex Technologies: CropEx harnesses ICT for the agricultural sector by combining the networks of ERP and BI around rural India. They equip the farmers with latest information and technology to maximize their produce and take part in trade efficiently. They provide information to retailers on price, availability, quality, harvesting date and traceability of crop back from fork to farm.

3) Dexetra (Friday): Dexetra is an app development company with cross-platform capabilities and apps like TryCube2, SecureKeys and AibiNox.

4) Emo2: Emo2 is building an operating system designed to enable multi-user/multi-touch computing across devices of varying sizes. Emo2 as a company specializes in both hardware and software that enable pervasive human interaction and a form of computing that offers a natural way of interacting with information rather than using the traditional user interface.

5) Forus Health: Forus Health is a technology-led innovation company focused on preventive healthcare. Its flagship product, 3nethra, can pre-screen patients for five ophthalmic ailments which collectively contribute to nearly 90% of the blindness in India.

6) FreshDesk: It is an on-demand customer support software that allows companies to support customers through new social channels like Facebook, Twitter etc. in addition to their tradi tional customer support channels like phone, email, chat etc. It allows for multi-product/multi-brand support by enabling Help Desk activity streams, integrated account and contact manage ment, with scope for engaging customer communities via idea management, customer voting on ideas, etc.

7 ) Heckyl TechnologiesHeckyl, a startup based out of Mumbai, provides real time financial information, news analytics and heatmaps to get exclusive coverage of markets, companies and businesses. Heckyl considers the entire web as its local database and uses its proprietary technology to ferret out the best sources of information out there that matters to users, their business and their investments.

8) Hotelogix: Hotelogix is a cloud-based platform developed by HMS InfoTech providing complete IT infrastructure for a hotel to manage it’s complete operations. Hotelogix requires just a basic internet connection and a computer system to access the application.

9) Sparsha Learning Technologies: Sparsha is an e-learning based technology startup headquartered at IIT Kharagpur Science Technology Entrepreneur Park (STEP) and has an extended R&D center at PESIT CORI (Crucible of Research and Innovation), Bangalore. Sparsha’s flagship product, iLearnMore, is a learning and assessment platform which uses technology and simulation to enhance learning, increase retention among students, push teaching efficacy and impart remedial learning in a classroom environment using active learning methodologies.

10) Unbxd: It provides an intelligent search engine aimed at enhancing user experience on e-commerce sites. Apart from being highly customizable and platform-agnostic, it provides search that is speedy and accurate, based on users’ behavioral pat terns. It provides insights on how products can be promoted better, thus making personalized product promotions that are dynamic in nature to the end user.

11) United Mobile Apps: United Mobile Apps is a Bangalore based mobile platform development company. Their flagship product, Unify is aimed at solving the platform and device fragmentation problem in the mobile space. Being platform agnostic, Unify provides a comprehensive set of APIs and tools that enable seamless data communication across devices, regardless of the manufacturer and the operating system.

3 more companies are under a non-disclosure agreement, Vembu acquired CloudNucleus and DeskStream acquired WorldDesk.

See you at Techsparks!